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Hi lovely ladies, Happy Sunday! Have a quick question and would love some info/, I just have been learning about the magic of temping, the BBT and ovulating should I wait to have sex until I'm ovulating or does a schedule make sense? Would it help with getting pregnant if I wait (like no or very little sex) until I'm ovulating? not sure how H would like that lol....!
Suggestions? :)

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  • Um... ok, I'm going to try to answer what I think you asked.

    Mostly, if you're temping only, you're only going to know you ovulated AFTER you ovulated. I think most of us here like to have sex every other day prior to ovulation, then when it's your fertile week, have sex daily.
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  • Ok thanks, ya basically I received my answer. Sorry I guess I'm not too clear on TB yet. But basically wanted to know how often or if I should abstain during a certain time or really have lots of sex at a certain time.....
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  • EOD in the fertile week (a few days leading up to O and withing 24 hours of O.)  Some people do every day in that time frame, but DH is a 2 times a week tops guy (or was before we had a kid.  Now his libido has multiple personality disorder.)
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    I've been trying to hit my fertile window but mostly just having sex when we want to. We both have pretty busy/exhausting schedules and at this point we're okay with scheduling sex, but I've been keeping it to a minimum. If this month gets ruled out I may block out the week before my expected O to start having sex every other day until it's confirmed (like what PP stated). 

    It would have been been helpful THIS month because this past ovulation week was very stressful without a lot of sleep. That screwed up my temps so my exact O date has changed a few times in FF. 

    That being said, do what works best for you and your partner. Talk to him about it! Does he want to know when you're ovulating? Is he prone to performance anxiety? How often do you guys have sex anyway? It's a personal decision. 
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  • We shoot for EOD during my FW, but in all reality it's like every 3rd day. He works long hours, some in the heat & he's exhausted when he comes home. I don't push it.
    Now, we hit ED this past week (during my FW) because we were at the beach (and drunk almost every night). This was a first since we've been TTC!
  • Lol yes I'm glad I'm not the only one who may have thought that waiting until that perfect week would give us super sperm lol! But that's great...much appreciated, thanks All.
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    I'm planning to hit EOD the week before O, and ED in my fertile window and 1 day after O...then sex whenever we feel like it. DH can perform on command without a problem and we have no problem scheduling sex if needed to give us the best chances of conceiving ASAP due to my metabolic issue.

    Specifically, unless there is a known sperm issue, it's fine to have daily sex/ejaculation, and to echo other pp's, hoarding sperm isn't good either.

    Edited to actually make sense.
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  • I've created a monster... We went for ED sex during our FW this cycle, and now DH is wanting sex all the time! We were a 1-2x per week couple but after doing it so much last week he claims he is hornier than ever! My poor little vag needs a break! #-o

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  • Most of us probably have it every other day. :)
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  • We aim for EOD in my fertile window. We also like to have sex once or twice a week when not in my fertile window.
    Laughing at myself!  

    So the problem with acronyms is that when you're unfamiliar with the lingo, y'just kind of fill in what might make sense in the sentence.  

    I just figured out that EOD stands for every-other-day, as opposed to ejaculate on demand, which is what my brain tried out initially.  

    As for the sex timing question, we try to hit every other day (aka EOD - see how smart I am!) until a +OPK and then aim for every day for the next 3 days. 

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  • My DH also has some performance anxiety, so we aim for every 2-3 days, ideally EOD. Timing for my DD was T-2 so I'm happy as long as we hit around that :)

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