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Five month growth spurt?

Okay, everything I've read says they shouldn't hit another growth spirt until 6 months, but DDturned five month last week and I can't think of another explanation. She is up every three hours in the night clamoring for a feed. It's like having a newborn again and it's driving me nuts! Used to be she'd go for a good six hour stretch overnight at least but now she's up every three hours or even less, plus some restless times after the feed before she falls asleep so I'm looking at two hours or less of sleep at a time and wondering what's going on! Anyone else? Is there a five month growth spurt they just don't tell you about?

Re: Five month growth spurt?

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    Honestly, I don't pay any attention to the predicted growth spurts. They can vary by a few weeks on either side, so IMO, it's not really useful. Plus, I feed him when he's hungry and assume he needs it. Whether or not it's a growth spurt, it's all the same to me.

    Developmental changes can cause sleep disturbances too. That is another potential cause of the frequent wakings. I send my husband in to see if he can settle the baby down first, and if it's clear he's hungry, I go in to feed him. This works best for us because I am EBFing. (I can't go in there without him wanting the boob in the MOTN, regardless of whether he's hungry or not.)

    ETA: Forgot to specifically answer your question. Yes, at 5 months, he started waking up more frequently. Late 4 month wakeful? Wonder weeks? Growth spurt? Could be any of those things. Knowing why exactly it's happening isn't super important to me, because let's face it -- it's all just a guess anyway.
  • My 5 month old is going through the same thing.. He is getting up more frequently, taking shorter naps, moving around his crib like CRAZY when I put him back down, and just seems more needy lately. Is it teething? Growth spurt? Sleep regression? I don't know, but I hope he goes back to normal soon!
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  • My little guy is acting the same way. Very needy and we cannot leave him without some tears, mostly on his part! I just got out his 9 month clothes because he was being squeezed into his 6 month clothes.
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