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Happy Sunday!!

Good morning ladies! How are you doing today? Any fun plans?

I'm so excited because it's SOs brothers wedding today! We had a blast at the rehearsal and dinner. We hung out with his relatives from out of town and generally just had a good time! So looking forward to the festivities today :) also we are staying overnight in a hotel which is always fun!

Big hugs to those who need them!!
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Re: Happy Sunday!!

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    Km380Km380 member
    Have fun today! I'm in the same boat as @meladoriestar‌ I should finish errands but really I just want to take a nap. I'm leaning towards the nap :-)

    @Amybunny30‌ what cars are you looking at?

    PgAL welcome

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    Me & Hubby: 34

    TTC journey started 12/2012

    BFP #1 6/5/2013, MC confirmed 6/26/2013 @ 7 wks

    BFP#2 8/25/2013 MC confirmed 10/16/2013 @ 12 wks (D&C 10/18)

    Diagnosis: unexplained RPL, unexplained IF.

    Also have hypothyroidism

    Started TTC again 12/2013


    IUI#1:Clomid CD 3-7, Trigger'ed CD 12. IUI CD 14. BFN

    IUI #2:Letrozole CD 3 - 7, Follistim CD 9, Trigger CD 10, IUI CD12. BFN

    Current plan: IVF with PGD. Antagonist - Vivelle Protocal. Stim start 12/1. ER 12/14.

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    rslh10rslh10 member
    I've got an add-on for the should do list...laundry. I could probably stand to do 2 loads, but I want to read instead. Hope everyone has a great day! :)
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    Hello ladies!

    I always enjoy staying in a hotel too. There is something about hotel sex that makes it more fun! I hope you have a great time tonight @skategirl128!

    @meladoriestar and @km380 I'm right there with you! I need to finish laundry and clean the bathroom, but cuddling with my cat on the couch is sooo much more appealing.

    Hope everyone has a good day!

    TTC since May 2013
    BFP #1 11/22/13 EDD 7/31/14
    MMC 13 weeks - discovered 2/13/14 at 16 weeks - Trisomy 13 - D&C 2/14/14
    BFP #2 10/9/14 EDD 6/22/15
    ~Everyone is welcome~
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    Doing a lot of prep cooking for the week so I can try to keep up with my healthy eating when I go back to work.  Try to contain your excitement for me :)

    BFP #1- 4/2011; DD Brynn born 12/2011

    BFP #2- 7/13; EDD- 4/2/14; Lost DS at 20 weeks (11/16/13) due to cord accident

    BFP #3- 3/14; EDD- 11/28/14; Lost DD at 15 weeks (6/7/14)- cause unknown

    To my angels- I held you every second of your lives and I'll love you every second of mine.


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    I made a double batch of bread dough and ended up with 2 loaves and 16 hot dog buns (we eat hot dogs a lot in the summer. They're so bad for you, but so good). I also did a little bit of dishes and worked on my costume some more. My bodice is ALMOST done! Just have to put in a few more grommets, sew on the bottom binding, and devise the swags (I've probably lost the majority of you here, but it's good!)
    I MIGHT do a load or two of laundry before bed. Or maybe I'll just throw on a load and tell H to put it in the dryer when he comes home like usual lol
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    F born June 2018
    W born September 2020
    #3 due November 2022
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