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not sure which board to post this on..

hi mommies, and congrats on your newest bundles!! just a quick question. i know it varies for many, but just curious of everyone's personal experiences! with my first son, i never dropped, and was induced at 41 weeks. this time i dropped at 35 weeks.  i'm just curious when you dropped, and how long after did your labour begin? and if you've had more than one pregnancy, if there was a shorter time between dropping and labour. 

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  • Dropping has no bearing on when you'll go into labor.
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    What PP said...  that's what everyone told me too especially since I carried low my whole pregnancy and never dropped.  I was over a week late before going into labor and my belly was more or less in the same spot the entire pregnancy.
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  • I dropped and the un-dropped and repeat. I was carrying high when I went into labor. So yeah it doesn't determine when you'll go into labor. But regardless, I'm sure the end is near if you're having to ask. Good luck.
  • I never dropped, was induced at 41 weeks and ended up with a c-section 2 days later.  Good luck!
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  • I dropped and DD was in position early, but I never went into labor. Every week the doctors kept telling me I would go into labor before my due date. DD was born at 41w2d and I was induced.
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