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My daughter favors her right side and is always looking right and sleeping on the right side of her head.  We were at the doctor's office the other week and she noticed that her head was flattening out but wasn't too concerned.  She said just to do stretches with her and it will loosen up her muscles.  Anyways..I put a bow on her head this morning and the band around her head allowed me to see how FLAT her head is on the right side.  Omg!  She has soooo much hair so I have never really noticed before.  

We having been doing stretches with her and she has been looking left more often. My question is.... is this common?  Is this a big deal.. will it round out?


Re: flat head

  • My DS had this (the neck issue/favoring one side). It's called torticollis. We worked on it during tummy time and deliberately facing him the way he didn't prefer (we'd place ourself or some noise maker on that side to encourage him to look that way). Also in his car seat, we'd put a rolled up washcloth to "prop" him up facing forward when we were out and about. He didn't have it so severe that one side of his head began getting flat (that I noticed) but I would think it's the same thing as a baby getting a flat head on the back of their head from being on their back too long. It should round out once you get her off of it so much.
  • I fully recommend doing what the doctor said.  I also suggest that you move your baby swing or bouncy seat so that she is prompted to look left more.  You can also do more tummy time (even if she hates it at first just let her do it for 5 min here or there while you go do something else, like the dishes real quick or something.  If you aren't RIGHT there staring at her fussing it's kinda better.  If she sleeps in a co-sleeper or something by your bed you might swap sides with your hubby so she's on the other side and looks left for you instead of to the right.

    These are just my suggestiions.  It will round out over time but even the kids with slight flats still have them (the hair just covers) and my friends with NICU babies who are now 2,3, or 4 still have flattish heads, nature doesn't exert pressure that changes the shape.  While still so little you can make that difference by changing things naturally so baby turns her head the other way more to help.
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  • -1 to this. Infants should always be supervised during tummy time.
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    Have you seen the tortle beanie? https://tortle.com
  • OMG thank you! I ordered the Tortle Beanie and it just came in the mail today.  What a great idea! So far so good! She hassss to look left now.  

    I got a size medium 2-4 months  10-15 pounds and she is 2 1/2 months... 15 pounds. So I am wondering if I should return it for the large size.. 

    I think the medium might be good even though she is 15 pounds because it is snug.. I just hope it fits for awhile. 
    Thank you so much for your suggestion!   
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