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Mind your own bizness, lady!

Last night we were out for dinner at a restaurant with some family friends of DH's.  He was a perfect angel and was chattering and smiling all night long.  the lady sitting next to me asked if we were having more.  I said no, we're OAD.  She proceeded to tell me that I "HAVE to give DS a little sister or brother".  Um, nope, I don't. 

It felt like she thought I was doing him a disservice by only having one.  I think the real disservice would be to have another LO when we're not physically or financially able to handle it.  It drives me bonkers when people tell me DS shouldn't be an only child.  My uterus, my decision, people!!!

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Re: Mind your own bizness, lady!

  • That is such a weird opinion to try to impose on someone else. Like, seriously, wtf?


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    While it doesn't make me uncomfortable as I have a response ready, it always amazes me how comfortable people feel asking me such personal questions.
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