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Don't think I want a VBAC

NicoleWINicoleWI member

I'm pregnant with #4 and had a c-section with #3 b/c she was breech. My doctor said I could try VBAC if I wanted and she actually seemed to prefer that option. Says the risks are still lower than the risks of surgery. However, I really don't think she was remembering my whole history until I reminded her.

With DD1 I was induced (overdue) and dilated very slowly (as did my mom with pregnancies). Terrible time handling contractions until I got the epi. Had a couple very scary heart beat decels and then pushed for five hours. Very close to a C-section. DD was born grayish and not breathing right but thank God she pinked up right away and is fine. It was kind of traumatic.

With DS, my water broke at 41 weeks but no contractions until I got Pitocin. Labor actually went fine; great epi. Pushed for 3 hours and needed vacuum to get him out. That doctor (not my regular doc) said I had a "weirdly shaped pelvic arch" that made it hard to get the babies out. Not sure whether that's based on any fact. He was about 9 pounds.

DD2 was breech. I had a planned C-section and actually had a great experience and a much easier recovery than with my vaginal births. She was also about 9 pounds.

I'm leaning towards a repeat C b/c I am worried about my other babies getting "stuck" and having long pushing episodes (more pressure on the scar?) and some slower dilation. I've also needed Pitocin every time as I have yet to start contracting on my own, which also seems riskier for a VBAC. I also am pretty sure this baby will be even larger than the last as each has gotten bigger and that may also complicate pushing. I also have some back problems since having kids and I think the C-section would be better at not screwing things up further. I am afraid I would end up with a C-section anyway or maybe have a bad experience if I go for the VBAC. Maybe this baby will also be breech and I won't have to decide!

Obviously this is a very personal decision, but any general opinions or thoughts I may not have considered? I feel like if I had had quick, easy labors, I would do it, but with my personal history I don't feel like it's the best decision. Thanks.

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