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Clearblue Customer Service is AMAZING!!!

Sorry if this is long-winded...
This will be my fourth month TTC using the Clearblue Fertility Monitor. Where I live the test strips for the monitor are hard to come across. You can buy them in-store at CVS for $63 (30 tests strips) & from Target (on-line only. Stores don't carry them) for $40. Big price difference obviously. I qualified for free shipping from Target but paid the $6 rush shipping just to ensure that I had them in time. I would have had the strips in time if UPS didn't lose the package. Yes it went MIA for two days & sure enough the monitor requested a test strip this morning. I read in the instructions that if you don't supply a test when the monitor requests it it's likely that it won't request another test the following day, meaning you could be shit out of luck for that month. I peed in a cup & left it on my bathroom vanity, went to my dentist appointment & then high-tailed it to CVS to buy some strips hoping that I'd make it home in time before the 3-hr-time limit. No such luck. The monitor no longer asked for a test. I called the ClearBlue hotline praying they could tell me how to reset it & the woman was a saint. She said "The monitor will request a test again tomorrow but not after that. If I were you I'd make a stink to UPS because they should reimburse you for the inconvenience." I told her that I called UPS several times & even went to the local facility the night before & that Target would pay me back for the expedited shipping. Her words "THE LAST THING A WOMAN WHO'S TRYING TO CONCEIVE NEEDS IS TO HE STRESSED OUT. IM GOING TO SEND YOU A FREE PACK OF TEST STRIPS. I'VE HAD 4 LOSSES PERSONALLY & I KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO DO EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER TO HAVE A BABY. PLEASE DON'T WORRY. MY NAME IS KATHLEEN & MY EXT# IS ... PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU CALL ME IF YOU EVER HAVE A PROBLEM & WHEN YOU GET PREGNANT I'D LOVE TO KNOW THAT EVEN MORE! BEST OF LUCK TO YOU."
I was floored! Forget the generosity of the free product for something that wasn't their fault by any means. Just the kind words of a woman that's been through losses wishing me luck made me legit cry. We really are a sisterhood!!!!

Re: Clearblue Customer Service is AMAZING!!!

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    Wow.  Always sucks to have so many people in the same boat, but it really is a sisterhood, an alliance, a safe common ground for women when you can understand what each other are going through.  Glad you had such a good experience in the end.
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    My shipment arrived from Target finally this afternoon & I returned the strips to CVS. I purchased them using a 25% off coupon. I figured upon the return I'd either lose the coupon, as I technically already used it, or best case scenario they'd re-apply the coupon to my card for a future purchase. Nope. Instead the cashier issued the difference of about $17 to a CVS gift card! Which is insane. I made out on the deal. The cashier must have made an error to issue me $ back when I got a full refund for my purchase. Either way I'll take it.
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    w o w! that customer service agent was amazing! im gad they did that for you and that you were able to get all the money back from cvs!


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    It's nice to hear things like this happen every once in a while :)

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    Gave me goosebumps :) glad things worked out in your favor!

    Eta- mobile typo
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    This is so nice to hear that things are working out :) I hope this is a sign of good things for you.
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    I could care less about the free test strips. Her demeanor & caring, encouraging words came as a huge surprise & it brought me to tears. She lives in the same state as me & when I dialed I was pretty sure I would be connected to a call center in who knows where. High-fives to Clearblue.
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