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Starting cereal

So at our 4 month apt the Dr said we could start cereal or food whenever we felt she was ready. Well DD is five months now and we have decided to start with some oatmeal. I'm not sure how to fit it in though. I've gotten into a bad habit of feeding LO before her naps so she doesn't usually eat when she wakes unless it's been a long nap. I realize they say to feed after BM or bottle so they get the nutrients from that but if she's having her milk then going to sleep when would I do the cereal/food? I'm thinking the best time might be shortly after she wakes in the AM but am kind of lost on this one. Anyone have LO's on a milk before sleep schedule that have started food and have some advice?

Re: Starting cereal

  • I do cereal twice a day. 30 mins after morning nursing session and an hour before bed at night. Then I nurse her and sometimes give her 2-3oz of formula so she doesn't wake up. Hope that helps.

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  • We do veggies 2-3 times a day. We feed him the veggies then a bottle if he's still hungry.
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  • Cameron gets rice cereal in the morning at daycare before his first bottle and oatmeal before his last boob feeding at night. He passes out after he eats, so he gets cereal beforehand. Good luck!
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