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Joining the EI Club

We had DS' hearing evaluated today. He mostly did well, but his right ear drum vibrates less strongly than his left. All that considered, the audiologist does not think DS' lack of words is related to his hearing. She recommended he be evaluated by EI for expressive language, though she did comment that his receptive language seemed fine. I'm not upset, more curious what the next steps will look like. We shall see! That's what's up in the Dub's Household.
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Re: Joining the EI Club

  • Good luck! We are having a great experience the people are wonderful. For us the screenings and evaluation were more parent interview for speech because of DDs age and there wasn't much to make her do since she isn't talking at all. Keep us updated.
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  • Can I ask how your LO is doing with speaking/words? DDs speech is pretty limited based on what Ive heard people talking about on here. I'm not concerned yet but Id like to hear how others are doing to compare a little.
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  • He doesn't really say anything but Dada, and sometimes it's hard to tell if that's even it context. He just recently started saying Mama, but more making the Mmm sound than calling me by name. He can really only make d, j, and zh sounds (like the one at the end of 'garage'). Most everything is just da da da.  What's more concerning to me, is he may pick something up, but then doesn't do it more than once or twice. Two weeks ago he was nodding and saying "Ya." That's gone. He doesn't seem to retain anything once he picks it up. But he understands very well. Like just now, I said, "Do you want some lunch?" And he went and sat in his booster. It's worth looking into for us. 
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    Good luck! His expressive language is a good sign. Hopefully EI can provide him the boost he needs to break through with lots of new words.

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  • DD has very very few words
    she babbles all the time and definitely understands what we are saying. I believe once she figure out some the flood gates will open

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