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Strabismius/Eye Muscle Surgery

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Has anyone had this done or had this done to their child? We were told yesterday that it is recommended for J. His wandering eye has not improved with drops, and the ophthalmologist thinks this is the next best step.

Since it's not medically *necessary*, per say, the decision is up to us. I'm leaning towards doing it, but would love to hear any thoughts, advice, and experiences.

Re: Strabismius/Eye Muscle Surgery

  • Thanks, auntie.  Good to know.

  • My DD did a few months ago. It was very successful. Recovery was pretty easy and she is doing great! She seems to be seeing better and her eyes are aligned now, so it was well worth it.

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  • Dh had his done at Wills Eye in Philly since the other surgeries didn't work.
  • DS2 had it done 2yr ago I believe (he is 4.5yr now).  He has been in glasses since 10mos old and that was how we were trying to "fix" it (both of his eyes crossed inward but not at the same time).  Patching was not an option because both eyes crossed so he had no strong eye.  Surgery was always on the table and after 2yr of the glasses not resolving the issue surgery was done.  The left eye was worse then the right and surgery was done on 2 muscles in each eye.  Being two years out, it looks like they overcorrected the right eye as it now drifts outward sometimes.  He still wears glasses and will probably need those for his whole life (he is farsighted and has astigmatism in each eye). He will more then likely require a second surgery in the future, which this is common from the research I did.  His depth perception got better after the surgery.  He had some issues coming out of the anesthesia so that was a whole lot of fun.  He sees the pediatric ophthalmologist (he did the surgery also) every few months for follow ups.
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    USM: What exercises did they do? 
  • Thank you, everyone.  I believe we will be scheduling the surgery tomorrow.

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