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Need perspective and advice.

So DD has been sick since Tuesday - just a cold that needs to run its course but she has been pretty miserable at night with coughing and just not feeling good.  No fever since Wednesday.  Every night she has been up for a good portion of the night which means I have been up for a good portion of the night.  I still have to go to work and take care of DS and DH and I have been managing.  My mom offered today to take DD overnight tonight so DH and I can get a full nights sleep.  I trust my mom completely but I am hesitating to say yes.  I know that my mom is capable of taking care of her, but I feel bad knowing she is going to be up all night with a cranky baby while I am sleeping.  To say yes makes me feel like a bad mom who is handing her baby off when things get hard.  Is this just my own self criticism speaking or am I right and I need to just suck it up and be a mom.  WWJ14 do? 

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    Yes, take it! It's one night and makes the world of difference. I wouldn't give it a second thought.




  • As long as you trust your mom to take care of DD I do not see any issue with having your mom keep her. Remember that yes your mom may not get much sleep, but she can always take a nap when you pick DD up and/or go to bed early the next night. Plus I'm sure that she will like getting to hold DD for hours on end and have her all to herself. Sometimes you just need a baby fix and a whole night will do that for her. On the subject of her cold, are you doing a humidifier at night and suctioning her multiple times a day? Our DD has had a couple colds already too and DS always gets them spring/summer. The humidifier can really help loosen stuff up and then sucking it all out pisses her off but helps in the long run. Good Luck!!
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  • Yes! Take her up on the offer! It's only one night for her and she can get a full night of sleep the next night. 
  • Take the help! You are not passing off your cranky baby when this get rough, you are getting well needed rest so you can take care of your family. There's no shame in that at all.
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    Take her up for it. You need to rest and recoup! I know how you feel though. My mom watches DD 4 days a week when we're at work and since my mom lives with us, she plays with DD at night also. My S/O will sometimes make plans and im like with about Cky? And even though my mom doesnt mind watching her, I still dont want to pass her to my mom when its technically her "day off". I know its not the same situation, but you get my drift. 
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  • Oh my gosh take the offer and get some rest. :). My mom is retired and comes up to visit at least once a month. She offers also to take care of DS at night if needed so she will take baby monitor when she's here. Then DH and I can get a break. I understand your LO is sick and if your mom offers she would understand what she's in for. Hope u get some rest.
  • Hope you decide to take her up on her offer. You are better for your kids when you have sleep. A whole entire night of sleep. Amazing. Get some rest!
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