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****Healthy Living Accountability*****

Morning everyone!  I hope your week has been a good one, and that you have a lot of fun plans for the weekend.

As a side note, I may not be able to post on Friday the 4th or Monday the 7th.  I will be travelling to see my family, and will be limited to mobile only.  If anyone would like to run the thread at that time, that would be fantastic!


This is the healthy living accountability thread.  We are a group of ladies who are trying to better our lives via exercise and diet.  If you are new to this thread, don't be shy and jump right in!

The Good:

The Bad:

The Proud:

The Plan:

GTKY:  Which back to the future character are you?

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Re: ****Healthy Living Accountability*****

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    The Good: I worked out 3x this week and am heading to the gym this afternoon for some more, I'm on a roll! I've also been eating less and paying more attention to what goes in my mouth this week lol.

    The Bad: Ummm...not much as far as exercise but I can't seem to shake the popcorn addiction. When DH is working nights and its just me, the furballs and netflix...the popcorn calls my name, and yes its the buttery kind :((

    The Proud: I did two full sessions of a Jillian Michaels DVD last night...that was rough, but I pushed through it!

    The Plan: Continue the exercising and eating better...try to find a healthier snack for netflix binges.

    GTKY:  Which back to the future character are you? I got 1985 Biff least he became a sweet old man 
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    Hi ladies!  I missed Monday's check-in...hope everyone had a good week!

    THE GOOD:  Not much...but I did plan out healthy meals and we ate at home this week instead of going out.  Also got a lot of long 3-4 mile walks in every night.
    THE BAD:  I still haven't gotten out for a run.  :-q  I'm blaming it on the muggy weather.  89-93% humidity in the mornings and 77+% humidity in the evenings.  We're supposed to get MORE storms this weekend (we've had so much rain in the last couple of weeks, there's been a major flooding problem).
    THE PROUD:  Planning meals and not going out.  When my DH and I get stressed out we tend to just say "F*ck it, we're eating out."  I need to get back into the habit of planning meals on Saturdays, then go grocery shopping and do as much prep work as possible on Sundays.
    THE PLAN:  Weather permitting, RUN!  And plan out meals for next week over the weekend and actually get the grocery shopping done on Sunday so I don't have to worry about it during the week.
    QTKY:  I got Lorraine Baines.  The description actually fits me perfectly.  (this was really fun @Peledreamsofrain!)

    @BABY5395 Jillian Michaels kicks my ass too!  Have you tried the Smart Pop popcorn?  It's pretty good and not as bad for you.

    BFP: 3/9/2014  EDD: 11/11/2014  MMC: 4/10/2014  D&C: 4/11/2014
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    Km380Km380 member
    Hi ladies, not much to report on the healthy living front but couldn't not take this quiz! I got Marty McFly.

    @MrsKush1014‌ good job with the long walks! Mh and I are the same about stress and just saying F it let's go out. It's a problem :(
    @BABY5395‌ keep it up with the gym! That's great you're on a roll

    PgAL welcome

    Married 6/11/2011

    Me & Hubby: 34

    TTC journey started 12/2012

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    BFP#2 8/25/2013 MC confirmed 10/16/2013 @ 12 wks (D&C 10/18)

    Diagnosis: unexplained RPL, unexplained IF.

    Also have hypothyroidism

    Started TTC again 12/2013


    IUI#1:Clomid CD 3-7, Trigger'ed CD 12. IUI CD 14. BFN

    IUI #2:Letrozole CD 3 - 7, Follistim CD 9, Trigger CD 10, IUI CD12. BFN

    Current plan: IVF with PGD. Antagonist - Vivelle Protocal. Stim start 12/1. ER 12/14.

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    The Good: None this week! My period showed up with a vengeance and I catered to my cravings and went home to a heating pad instead of heading to the gym! UGH!!
    The Bad: The whole week! I refuse to step on a scale when I'm feeling so bloated so I will know exactly how bad it all was come Monday when I'm going to force myself to get back on track!
    The Proud: Even though I picked at not so healthy things throughout the week, I did have a salad before each of those pickings so I wasn't as hungry going into eating the crap. I've also been good about getting in my eight glasses of water a day!
    The Plan: We are taking friends to the cabin this weekend so I'm planning on getting in a good hike on Saturday! Each family is contributing a main dish, salad and/or appetizer each meal throughout the weekend and all of our contributions are good for you so I'm hoping not to indulge too much! Back to working out and eating healthy again next week, at least until we leave for our independence day trip!
        BFP: 2/24/14 | EDD: 10/22/14 (triplets) 
    US (with RE) 3/24/2014 (two healthy HB), US (with OB) 3/31/2014 (three healthy heartbeats)

    US (with RE) 4/7/14 No Heartbeats :(  | D&C 4/8/14
    BFP#2: 10/22/14 | (beta  #1 75, beta # 2 219) | EDD 7/3/15 ~*Please be our RAINBOW*~
    DX: MTHFR hetero C677T

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    edited June 2014
    My BFF and her Hubby were visiting. They just left this morning. So I can get back to normal after the weekend...
    The Good:  Somehow my weight is only slightly up after eating a lot of crap this week with the Bestie. and I kept up my water intake woo.

    The Bad: Weight is up, have not been exercising..

    The Proud:  Drank plenty of water! =) 

    The Plan: Get back to healthy eating, and exercise... on monday...

    Edit: forgot QOTW....
    QOTW: You got: Marty McFly


    Started dating Hubby May 17 2005. Married since Aug 20 2011 
    Me:30   Hubby:31
    TTC since May 2012 
    HSG Dec 2012 Fill no spill on left side, right side normal (most physically painful experience of my life..)
    Metformin Started May 2013
    PG#1: BFP 10-21-13. EDD 6-17-14 mmc 12-9-13 m/c occurred with cytotec on 12-11-13 
    PG#2: BFP 07-25-14.  EDD 4-5-15   *Hoping this is my rainbow*
    Diagnosed with PCOS, Hypothyroid,IBD/UC, (UC in remission as of July 2014)
    *I will always love you Fetey the first.* 


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    Sorry i wasn't on all day ladies. We have a huge project at work, so I can't check my phone until breaktime.

    @BABY5395‌ - Good job on all that gym work and having such an awesome week! DH tempts me with popcorn too in the evenings, the stinker.

    @Mrskush1014 - Be proud of all those walks! That's a lot more walking than your average person gets. Eating out is my weak spot too, good plan on eating home more.

    @DenaMaree - Sorry about AF ((hugs)). Have fun hiking though! I'm jealous!

    @Megdowntheshore -Sorry about that crappy lady making the class hard for you. Boo at her. But good job on sticking with it, I know it's hard to do when you are embarrassed.

    @BackstreetPixie -Good job keeping up on the water intake despite everything going on. I can't ever seem to keep up on my water.

    @CFearsy- Yay for fitting your pants again! I am having a bloated week right now, and it's sooo uncomfortable. I am jealous of your Mexican night!
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