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This just happened and so enabled me to start this week's.

DH is now on Dubs' Most Wanted list, and not in a good way. Our living room is DS' main play area, I work hard to keep it pretty baby proofed so that if I have to quickly grab something in another room or make his meals I know he's cool in there. He was playing quietly and intently so I grabbed the opportunity for a solo tinkle. I came back and there's my boy, casually holding a beer.  His father must have no finished it last night and put it down somewhere not visible to me. In the 25 seconds I was peeing, Jax's "Things I'm not suppose to have" radar must have picked it up. I know he didn't drink any, because his shirt was still all dry and he definitely would not be able to drink it without a mess. He also didn't smell like it. So there's mine. At 7:00 I was smelling my toddler to see if he had been drinking. 
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  • DD got up before 7am and I am so annoyed by this, I am counting down the hours until I can make her take a nap. As unreasonable as that sounds, she didn't go to bed until after 9 last night and she was a complete grouch yesterday!

    That AND she woke E up early. He took a late nap and didn't go down until 10 so at 8:30, he's already a crank.
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  • Sagen said:
    I am buying a new house because I'm too lazy to switch furniture around in my current house to move our bedroom to be on the same floor as DS's room.
    Sure, other reasons too, but primarily because I'm too lazy. I'm going to be so pissed at my own laziness when my new mortgage bill comes.
    Isn't moving everything in your house more work than moving around furniture ;) I hate moving, we are putting our house on the market in spring and I already stress about it daily!

    DH has said that we are either going to die in our current house or wait to move until we can afford to buy all new stuff for a new house, that's how much he hated moving.  And our move into our current house wasn't even that bad!  It was a <1-mile move from our apartment to the house and we had almost a month overlap between closing and the end of our lease, so we could even do a lot of it gradually.  :-P

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  • Oh!  I have another I totally forgot about for weeks!

    So after my 4-week-old niece's baby blessing, with all the people all over her just off planes and being dragged all around the greater Dallas/Fort Worth area for over a week with said people, my sister called my mom in a panic two days after everyone left because her baby had a 102 degree temperature.  Yeah...no s*** Sherlock.  This after my DS found one of my niece's pacifiers and immediately stuck it in his mouth (into which plenty of non-sterile things go these days), and my sister just rinsed it off quickly and admitted that had I not been there, she probably would have just stuck it back in her DD's mouth.  Disgusting.  Am I happy the baby was sick?  No way; I felt so bad for her I wanted to fly out there and bring her home.  Did I do a big ol' "I told you so" when my mom told me? You know it. (I didn't do it to my sister...just my mom.)

    And what did they do about it? Well, sister's doc was out of town, so my younger sister asked the pharmacist she works for how much Tylenol to give the baby, except he gave her a different dosage than was marked on the Tylenol my sister had, so she and my mom guessed. Guessed.  If the baby's fever started to climb, my sister just gave her more Tylenol (at my mom's urging) with no attention paid to the length of time in between.

    Hells yeah I'm being judgemental.  This to me is nuts. 

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  • Im secretly hoping it pours rain and our plans get cancelled The dreaded 40 min car nap happened. Now I'm trying to get DD back down. I do not want to take haul a picnic basket, backpack, overtired toddle and over excited DS...ALONE to an outdoor movie tonight.

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  • I work in an office where there is 1 girls bathroom 1 mens bathroom....I have to pee SO bad but there is a girl in our office that is a CONSTANT dumper. Every time I want to get in there the door is half closed with the fan running and the hallway to there is fragrant in NOT a good way. WTF I am seriously contemplating on going in the mens. I mean she dumps like that at least 3 times a day...there are only 3 girls on our office.....it sucks. And for those who  might say well it could be IBS....if you saw what she put down on a daily basis...anyone with IBS wouldn't not eat that.

    Not trying to be mean but I am angry that I am holding in my pee.

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  • I am supposed to be packing to leave for RI for the weekend and have the car all ready when DH gets home. I texted him a few minutes ago saying that E wouldn't go down for a nap so I could finish, but he did fall asleep. I am contemplating sitting on my butt until he pulls in the driveway and tell him that E just fell asleep. I am so not motivated for packing today. Oh well.
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  • Lmao @MonicaMerkel I had that same exact situation at my old work, except only one bathroom. On more than one occasion I walked across the street and used the ritzy hotel's lobby bathroom. Fuck that shit. I'm weird tho cause I can't even use the bathroom right after someone else. I wait at least 20 min even if they just peed.

    OH MY GOD I AM THE SAME WAY. I don't want to feel anyone's toilet seat warmth.

    FYI I finally peed at Target LMAO

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