pregnancy after a preemie

We had an unexplained 32 weeker, and so with this baby, I am on progesterone injections until 37 weeks.  I had cervical ultrasounds until 22 weeks, and things were fine.  I asked what else would be done, and the NP said they would not do any other checks of any type.  Is that your experience?  I am at 27 weeks now, and last time had g.d. so was in all the time for growth checks.  Even if I do develop g.d., they said the new policy was not to do any ultrasounds unless you go on insulin, which I do not think I will.  So did you have other checks, ultrasounds, etc.?  It is just weird to have my pregnancy suddenly treated as totally normal when I was treated as so high risk when this all started since our last birth was such a mystery.

Re: pregnancy after a preemie

  • KatFCoKatFCo member
    I had progesterone shots and my vaginal ultrasounds started at around 22 weeks. I saw the doctor every 7-10 days and was told to take it easy. I was also put on pelvic rest. 

    I'm not sure how they would have treated it if DD had been later. She was born just before 24 weeks, also unexplained labor. 
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