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Best diaper rash cream!

My DD had a diaper rash so bad a few days ago, so I called her pedi. I figured it was from teething. She had diarrhea with each diaper change (prob every 1.5-2 hrs sometimes more). I was sick of losing the diaper rash battle using max strength desitin, aquaphor, vasoline, bordeaux's butt paste, triple paste, baki soda baths twice a day...you name it. Due to the open sores, the doc prescribed Vusion diaper rash cream. Holy shit that stuff works! It's been 2 days and it is pretty much all gone. She's not screaming in pain every time I lie her down to change her diaper. I felt terrible when I had to wipe her. Vusion is amazing if you're ever in need of prescription strength diaper rash cream. I'll vouch for it!

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Re: Best diaper rash cream!

  • km_mdkm_md member
    I'm glad that you little one has some relief now. Good to know that this cream works so well.

  • Ooh, that sounds horrible for you and LO! So glad you got something that works. I'll keep that brand name in mind just in case.
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  • good to know and glad you found something that works!  Triple paste has always worked for us and thankfully we rarely need diaper cream. 

  • last14reallast14real member
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    Being that DD is our second kid I now honestly believe that it depends on the baby. I know that there was a previous discussion about diaper rash creams and I was a huge anti-desitin mom. With DS I tried max strength Desitin and he acted like I had poured acid on his poor bottom. Screaming, Thrashing, turning red, I felt awful!! He did not stop screaming until I wiped it all off with a wet rag. Then he continued to whimper for like an hr, his bottom was even worse and I decided I would NEVER again use Desitin. With him aquaphor worked best as a barrier cream and diaper rash treatment. We also would give him baths 1-2x a day, thoroughly dry him, then let him be naked for a minimum of an hr. When DD got a rash we tried the same method we had used with DS and no relief. Her bottom would look a little better after naked time less red but still have sores. This only helped until she pooped again, it went back to red with sores. I tried A&D, butt paste, even yeast medication, then decided to at least try desitin. I had my wet wash cloth ready JIC and just did a tiny area, no reaction. So I slathered her and she acted completely normal, by the next morning HUGE improvement. Desitin is now my go to cream for this girl, stinks to high heaven but who cares if it works for her.

    Side note if you can't get rid of the rash in a few days you may consult your pediatrician about yeast cream. Sometimes when they have a diaper rash and yeast infection you may not see the yeast rash as easily. Both of my kids have had yeast issues during the teething diarrhea faze. If it is yeast it won't go away with diaper cream but you will be amazed how quick it improves with 1 day 2-3 applications of yeast medicine. Our dr. reccomends over the counter Lotrimin, but yours may have a different suggestion. Never hurts to ask:)
  • Glad something finally cleared it up!

    DD doesn't do well with anything that has zinc oxide in it. It dries her skin too much and causes eczema flares. I have to rely on coconut oil and antifungals. Most of her rashes tend to be yeast like bumps, anyway. Poor thing seems prone to them.

    I just wanted to throw out to any other 'zema moms that zinc bothers DD's skin and it took several trial and errors to figure that out!

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  • Diaper rash is the worst. So glad you found relief. My DD got sores in her cracks because none of the CD approved stuff was working. You know what ended up doing it? I'll probably get flames for this, but whatever. Ift was my grandmother's recommendation. It's just a zinc oxcide and talc powder called Caldesene. I just step away and shake it into my hand so there's no chance of inhalation. It's the only thing that works and I rarely need to use it. 
    zinc and talc? Sounds fine to me. I've read up on some of the research regarding talc and its not all horrible as its made out to be. 
  • A diaper rash cream that really works well for us is actually Burts Bee's diaper ointment. That stuff sticks to her skin and doesn't wipe off on the diaper. She had this wicked rash after starting on nutramigen and I just could not clear it up with other types of creams (aquaphor, butt paste or desitin). It was so bad, it was bleeding and weeping and no amount of naked time was helping. I finally tried this that my mom and sent me and it cleared it up almost completely overnight. I was wary because of the strong herbal scent and I thought it would irritate her more, but nope. It worked miracles. 
  • Glad you all know what works for your babies. I will keep the other suggestions in mind for next time (not looking forward to the next time).

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    Anytime the rash starts to get raised bumps it's usually an indicator of a yeast infection. You can treat that with OTC anti fungal athletes foot cream. I keep it on hand so that if we get a persistent rash after day 3 I use it.

    FYI I swear girls get a rash 10x more frequent than boys . Maybe it's just me, but my dd had so many more and much more diaper rash compared to both my ds's!

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