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How long did it take a tooth to pop through after your LO started having teething symptoms? Of course like most things it's different for every baby but just wondering what others have experienced.

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  • Well with this baby we didn't even know he was teething when his first tooth popped through....his second one however took almost 4 weeks to pop through. He had a bud and was drooling like crazy until it finally came in.

    I don't even remember with my last 2.

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  • km_mdkm_md member
    DD has had some teething behaviours off and on for quite a while now (at least a month) and still no tooth. I'm not expecting one any time soon but she has had days where it really seems like it is bothering her.

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  • Xan84 said:
    LO has been teething for almost 2 months now and still not a tooth to be found. It seems to be bothering him more and more though, so maybe it will be soon.
    @Xan84 -- just curious. How do you know it's teething?
  • Xan84 said:
    @peanutmuse, he pretty much constantly gnaws like crazy on his teethers, pacifiers, hands, the side of the baby bjorn while he's in it - pretty much anything - and complains loudly and makes a grumpy face while he does it.  If I give him a gum massage with my finger, it seems to make him feel better and he settles down until I stop.  He also drools copious amounts while all this is going on, and he was never a drooler before.  I don't know, it seems like teething to me. 
    Brennon has been doing all of these things for a while too. I just never attributed it to teething, just to normal infant behavior. Now, of course, he has had a low grade fever and I can see/feel two nubs. So I know for sure he is teething. I don't know, maybe it was for the two months prior. Literally, all of the same things. The gnawing on everything, the sudden and excessive drooling, and the gum rubbing. (The drooling definitely is not an indicator of teething, though. Not by itself. It's an indicator that the baby's salivary glands have started working. ;) )
  • He has had white bumps under gums for two months coinciding with the drooling, grabbing everything and chomping down, general fussy behavior that eases with teething toys or gum massage. This last week has been full blown pink cheeked, low grade fever, refusing to sleep, wake up for an hour each time motn teething. I can feel all six teeth closer to gums, but I can feel the top two pressing on the gums. I just want him to get them through already. Six teeth at once has got to be painful!
  • cnctfcnctf member
    wilburbud said:
    Maggie was increeeeeedibly fussy for about a week, and out popped 2 teeth.
    EEEEEEEEEEKKKKK. DD has been fussy for the past two days (shes rarely ever fussy) and with her other "symptoms", I totally think she might be teething. 
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  • We're about a week in I think, but I'm so sleep deprived time has no meaning anymore. Two teeth finally barely worked through the surface night before last, but they're taking their sweet ass time getting through and he's still sleeping like a newborn, minus the actually sleeping part (i.e. we're up every 2-3 all night). If this keeps up I'll be up in the MOTN crying with him.


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  • I just want my happy baby back. It's tough to see them like this. We are only about a week in though so I know it will probably be a while before it's over.
  • DD started teething about a month ago, it took her about 2-3 weeks for the first bottom tooth to pop through (not fully in, just through the skin). Now the 2nd one just broke through and I can feel that her top gums are swollen. Her drooling went from regular baby drool to having to keep a bib on her or her shirt is constantly soaked. She attacks her hands, my hands, DS if she can scoot over to him on the floor, chews on toys constantly. Right before each tooth broke through she was much fussier for about 3-4 days. We give her tylenol if she gets inconsolable and that really seems to help her take the edge off enough to sleep. DS was the pretty much the same way attitude wise, but he always got either sets of 2 or 4 teeth within a few days of each other. If one popped through we knew the other was close behind. 

    Also @Nenamarie84 you made the comment every baby is different, which is completely true. My niece (the one I reference like all the time) got her bottom two at 5 months and just got her second 2 at 9 1/2 months!! Her mom and the pediatrician were starting to get concerned. That poor baby was miserable for 6 weeks, bc of those two teeth. My SIL and I were both trying to figure out what if anything they can do to help the process. Like if they don't come in do they have a medical procedure to force them to or what?
  • @allypittsburgh I will agree that the "myths" are definitely not gospel, but do have some logic to them. I'm going to go backwards just bc I can

    #5-totally agree with, neither of my kids have liked to chew on anything frozen solids. They have liked the toys with gel in them that gets cold but still squishy, also wet half a washcloth and freeze. That way the dry part they can grip and their hand doesn't get super cold.

    #4- I have read that multiple times, I could understand that.

    #3 & #2-teething may not directly cause the diarrhea or fever, but they sure do go hand in hand. I will agree that the opening for infection is a very good theory as to why these symptoms frequently happen while teething. I really think it has to do with the teeth coming in bc it can't just be coincidence that millions of babies have these symptoms while teething. Not saying every baby with fever of diarrhea at this age group is caused by teething, but they are likely symptoms to occur during teething. So yes "teething causes fever and diahrea", may be a myth. Yet if they were to word it, "Teething may cause fever and diahrea due to increased risk of infection", than I believe it would be accurate.

    #1-The drooling thing is the only one that kind of bugs me. I get irritated when I attribute her drooling to her teeth and someone says that's not teething all babies drool. Well duh all babies drool but being that I am around her quite a bit and I went through this with DS I feel like I know my kids. I can tell when her drool output is 10x the normal amount, this may not be true for everyone or if your kid has overactive salivary glands. For mine the drooling increases and then decreases after the teeth are in. This has happened once already with DD and happened the entire time DS was getting his teeth in. Therefore I will continue to attribute the drooling to teething. 
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