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praying the big girl bed thing works!

My DH and I ordered a "big girl" twin bed for my daughter which is supposed to be delivered at some point this morning.  Well she was balling her eyes out crying when we took apart the crib and moved it out of her room and she kept saying "No, no Holly's bed!!"  I am praying that she loves the twin bed when it arrives!  She seemed to love the concept of it when we were at the store buying it and always asks for big bed.  Did your LO have a difficult time transitioning the first few nights or was it relatively smooth sailing?  

Re: praying the big girl bed thing works!

  • I don't know.  We haven't yet and I'm expecting the same reaction.  However we aren't taking his crib out, we will be putting his brother in it, so it may be even worse.  lol  Good luck.  I'm sure she'll adapt soon.

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  • We changed my daughter's crib into a toddler bed. We just made a big deal about how cool it was and how she is SUCH a big girl now. She was so excited to get in bed and never looked back!
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