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What time does your LO get his or her last bottle and what time does he or she go down for the night?

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  • He goes down at 8 with a bottle.
  • Yes, duh! Or breastfeed instead of bottle. Sorry! And are your LOs sleeping thru the night?
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  • DS gets a bottle of BM around 7:30pm and knocks out shortly thereafter. However, depending on the day, he'll pass out around 6pm after he nurses for about 10 min. Technically he does sleep through the night and wakes up around 4:30 to eat.  This week hasn't been that way because I think he's regressing and wakes up at 1:30am-2am, 5am and finally up for the day around 7am. 
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  • Nurse at 7pm asleep by 7:45. Dream feed 10ish. STTN till 6:30am
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  • Last bottle sometime between 7-8 and he goes down about 20-30 mins afterward. He doesn't always STTN, but he does not eat MOTN anymore.

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  • Nurses before bed...usually to sleep between 7-8 depending on his last nap.

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  • I nurse him usually every hour to two hours all night long, including before bed. He goes to bed around 8-9pm depending on how his last nap was. He will be up around 8-9am most days.  
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  • Bottle of BM usually around 730 and sleeping right after-745-8pm. Some nights he gets fussy around 7 then I get him ready for bed sooner. He wakes maybe once or twice but goes back to sleep(I give him paci)He hasn't done a MOTN feeding since 8 weeks.
  • Nurses by 6:45-7 and asleep before 7:30. Has never STTN but sleeps solidly besides 1-3 wakeups for feedings. Morning wake time can be anywhere from 6:30-8:30 depending on how many times he fed. I haven't really enforced a consistent out of bed time.
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    She usually is asleep by 9. Breastfeed around 815-830. Most times she will falls asleep while nursing, if not we just lay her down and she will fall asleep on her own. She's sttn
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  • I usually nurse him to sleep between 7 and 7:30. If he doesn't fall asleep nursing, he falls asleep on his own shortly thereafter. He wakes up 3 or 4 times a night for very quick nursing sessions.
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  • Last bottle ~9:00 , usually sleeping by 9:30 -10ish
  • Nurses at 8 and usually falls asleep on the boob. Yes she sleeps through the night most nights


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  • I start BFing no later than 7, depending on his napping that day, and I am done by 7:30. he typically, but not always STTN.

  • Nurses around 8:30, bed around 9. Sleeps till 6ish. We've been having some rough nights, but that was our norm and I think it's still in his system. He did it last night.
  • Last bottle is between 7 & 7:30 unto 3ish for a bottle then up at 6
  • last bottle at 7:45-8pm, in bed right after and she sleeps till usually 6:30, but we had one random day where she slept till 8am. It was glorious.  
  • Nurses usually to sleep at 7:30 up once around 2 to eat and then up for the day at 7. Lately though it's been nurses at 7:30 rocked and patted and shushed till 9. Up at 2 and up at 5:30 and up for the day at 7. Hoping it passes soon


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    DD usually nurses for the last time between 6:30 and 7:00 and then is asleep by 7:30 or 8:00.

  • DD has bath around 630-7, then bottle of BM and goes down in crib awake. She's been sleeping until 3 or 4 as of this week. Then she's in our bed nursing on and off until about 6. Once I see growth at 6 month appt I will decide if I'm cutting out night feeding.
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    Bedtime routine starts at 7, bf to sleep and in bed at 8. She wakes once a night at 12 or at 2 for a quick feed then she's up for the day at 6am. She's only sttn a handful of times.
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  • We start BFing by 7 and she's usually asleep before 8. She was falling asleep earlier than that but lately bedtime has been getting later.

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  • Start feeding around 9-9:30 and he's asleep by 10 on most nights.  He STTN and wakes up around 6-6:30.
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  • Fed right before bed an usually asleep by 7:30/8. She's normally up 3+ times a night. We are starting modified CIO in hopes to drop one feeding.

  • DS gets his last bottle at 8 and he goes to bed at 8:30. Sometime he wakes up around 3:30 but STTN sometimes.
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