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Where to sleep???

I have a crib in the nursery but want baby to sleep in our bedroom at first ... would you use the Pack n Play, Rock n Play or a bouncer...??? Due anyday now and just trying to decide where to put everything...any advice and what is the best for sleeping and safest???

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  • Thanx everyone
  • for the first 4 nights i put LO in a portable bassinet at the foot of my bed.  i transitioned her to her crib pretty quickly though as i didn't see the sense in her waking up both me and DH.  her room is only steps away from ours though. 

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  • Let LO decide. I never imagined my LO would be sleeping in his crib at 2 weeks old, but he loves it and sleeps really well in it. Before that, we had the Rock & Play. He naps in that sometimes, but not for very long. 
  • Originally dd was going to sleep in the PNP in our room. However she will not sleep flat (possibly silent reflux) and so she sleeps in the RNP right next to the bed. Makes it easy for when she spits out the pacifier!
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