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Help! drank pre workout and breastfeeding. And questions for moms who bf & workout

Sorry for the long ass title

I went back to the gym for the first time since I got pregnant tonight and my husband handed me a drink and said "hey drink this". I don't think he was thinking and didn't bother to read the label. The pre workout was Jack3d. 

So I plan on pumping and dumping and feeding her my frozen breast milk. How many times should I pump and dump before it's okay to breast feed again? It only has 100 mg of caffeine but it's the other ingredients that was a huge concern.

Also, while we are on the subject. Any of you breastfeeding mom's who workout out know of a safe energy booster before the gym? I can live without out one of course, but it's always nice to get a little boost especially since it's been like 10 months since I've touched gym equipment.

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Re: Help! drank pre workout and breastfeeding. And questions for moms who bf & workout

  • I'm super confused by your post.  I have no idea what Jack3d is, and google keeps linking me to things about it causing death in people - that can't be what you drank right?

    Is it some kind of alcoholic energy drink?  If it's alcohol, you don't need to pump and dump.  Just wait to feed until you're not feeling the effects.  As for caffeine, everyone's different and it might not affect your daughter.  For me, having even a cup of coffee would keep my kid up, and it stays in your milk for days.  But again, that's person specific.

    I'm also not sure why you need an energy booster before working out?  I've never heard of that before.  DH was a gym rat when I met him and spent hours in the gym every day and never took anything before working out.  I can't claim the same, but I've also never taken an energy booster before workout out, usually the adrenaline from exercise is enough.  I do eat something before hand with protein to give my body the fuel it needs to workout, but that's something like a granola bar, peanut butter and apple slices, hummus and pretzels, etc.
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