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Anyone's body still hurt?

My doctor said it takes six months for your body to fully recover from pregnancy but my whole body still hurts. Mainly my lower back and hips. Is anyone still experiencing pain that you had while pregnant?
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Re: Anyone's body still hurt?

  • I had bad pains with my first and went to physical therapy. It helped a TON.  When I felt similar aches this time around I knew what stretches and exercises to do. I would suggest going to PT.
  • my hips still hurt, specifically after sex for some reason.


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  • Yes! I was just saying this. I'm back to my prepregnancy weight, but my body feels so different. My knees, hips, and ankles hurt. I'm chalking it up to not having gained back the muscle I had before yet.
  • PT might be in order.
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  • I get sharp, shooting pain around my hips. I can't sit on the floor with my legs crossed anymore because after a few minutes the pain is ridiculous. My lower back still hurts as well.
  • Knees when I bend, but I have no idea if its because of the pregnancy. Other then that its not really pain, but uncomfortable tightness in my back.
  • My mid to lower back hurts but I think a lot of it is from pregnancy then straight to carrying this big baby. My hips and my gait feel very different when I have tried to start back running. And my c section incision does strange stuff all the time still. Sometimes my skin is numb, sometimes there is weird shooting pains.
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    My body aches all the time. I'm ready to go to the doctor to see what I can do, I've been putting it off. Specifically my ankles, I just feel achy. I'm not sure if I'm not drinking enough water or what the deal is. I've been trying to ease into working out and im not over doing it at all in that sense but I feel way to young to be feeling like this. My 88 year old grandma complains of aches daily and that is exactly how I am feeling! Also my lady parts where I had stitches still don't feel right during sexy time. Overall it doesn't hurt until sometimes a position change, I feel like I might rip, it scares me more than anything as that is the last thing I want to happen, especially after having such an awful infection after my stitches dissolved too quickly.

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  • I still have pain where I got my stitches, after sex. I also found the pap smear I just had to be painful, but my OB said my stitches are fully healed and the pain is likely due to hormones/blood flow from my new pregnancy. Sucks!
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  • I still have really bad pain after sex, or sitting in any position where my pelvis is being forced open. Feels like My pelvis is ripping apart or something. I went to the doctor and he said its totally normal after vaginal birth, especially since my hips are rather narrow and my baby was somewhat big.

    I've also heard that it takes up to a year for all of the Relaxin to leave the body, so that could explain the joint pain that all of us seem to be having. 
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  • And I still have tenderness around my CS scar
    This. And numbness :(
    yeah, I have numbness too 


  • karah4816 said:

    And I still have tenderness around my CS scar

    This. And numbness :(

    yeah, I have numbness too 

    Me too :(

  • cnctfcnctf member
    Not pregnancy pains. But my lady parts still hurt. 4.5 months in.
    This. I wouldnt say mines hurt, but there definitely is some kind of discomfort from time to time. 
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  • No pain after DS2, but with DS1 my c/s scar area was sore for about a year after his birth.  
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  • Still have pain with the lady parts and during sex. I can also still feel pain in my lower back from my epidural. I am hoping time will heal
  • I still have pain with my lady parts so bad that I cant even use a tampon....and my back hurts still I swear its where my epidural was. :(
  • My lower back aches quite a bit. I feel like my posture is terrible from nursing and pumping.
  • EsthiEsthi member
    I was just thinking that we are all still sort of recovering .. And others are already pregnant again by now . I salute those ladies . Unbelievable . No idea how they do it !! My back is also not behaving the way I would have liked it to .
  • Still total c-section incision pain and partial numbness. One side healed partially swollen from when the LC demanded I try nursing while laying on my side, which is not supposed to be done right after a c-section according to my discharge papers. It hurt so bad and became swollen on just that side. If I have another baby and she comes in my room, I'm telling her to gtfo...
  • I had an episiotomy and I swear the dr stitched that up so it is smaller than before. Intercourse is still painful. My recent 6-month post birth pap smear was also ultra uncomfortable.

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  • During ST, still feels like I have a stitch that could rip. I know the dissolved months ago so it much be how I healed. My body is very achy. I'm 25 years old and ran half marathons up until I was pregnant and now I feel like I'm 80 and getting back into training is so hard. I knew my body would be different but I never thought this much. I was thinking I would bounce back eventually.
  • Mine is autoimmune, I'm afraid.  There are days my arms feel so weak that I am worried I might drop little man. 
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  • My body hates me for putting it through pregnancy. I started to get numbness in my fingers (red, wrinkling also) and now I'm dealing with severe tummy cramps that have kinda come out of nowhere. Even though I've lost all pregnancy weight, l still feel like my body isn't my own :/

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  • @DubaiNewMom‌ When I had DD the doctor definitely stitched me up too tight. Sex was so painful and uncomfortable. After I had DS it got better again. Maybe ask your doctor for suggestions.
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