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Pregnancy reveal- how did you tell the family?

How did you tell the family? I'm not sure if we should get the whole family from both sides together or one at a time...

Re: Pregnancy reveal- how did you tell the family?

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    We told people as we saw them.  In the end, you know your family, we don't.  But in all honesty - I don't know that this really needs to be a "get everyone together".  People will be happy and excited for you, but do they really need to set aside a night for this announcement? 
    The only exception is the parents - if you feel your parents will be upset to know that the other set found out first (even if just by minutes), then maybe invite both sets of parents over and tell them at the same time.
  • Called both sets of parents, then DH's siblings. My siblings got texts at that same time (I'm not as close with my sibs as DH is with his brothers. After that, we just made a FB announcement.

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  • We sent the ultrasound pics and fun "im gonna be a-" tshirts to parents and siblings. About a week after that ee sent a notice to aunts/uncles/cousins that i found on etsy. Friends we told as we saw at different events. Then the facebook post.
  • With our first we found out on Christmas morning.  So I wrapped up a book called "Grandparents' Handbook" and gave it to my parents to open.  That's how my parents and brother found out.  We just called DH's parents and brother since we were too far away to tell them in person.

    With our second I told them that DD had a favorite new book and she walked in with a "Big Sister" book.  We Skypped with DH's family.  

    I think it's also a cute idea if you get everyone together to have everyone pose for a picture then your SO says "Everyone smile and say Dela is pregnant!" then he snaps the picture :)  
  • I let my husband tell his family, and he chose to do it over the phone. We happened to be seeing my family over the holidays, and I wanted to wait until we saw them in person. I wanted to see their faces. So I waited until we were all sitting down and I was about to do it when my "D"H cut me off and told them himself. I was so surprised that I missed their reactions while I stared at his face. Fortunately, they were stunned, so I didn't miss much. He's still making that up to me.
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  • getting together for mother's day dinner, we had my parents and his parents over. on the inside of the mother's day cards for our mom's was a picture of the ultrasound. we called our siblings, grandparents, close friends, some aunts/uncles. posted several days later on facebook.


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  • We told our parents first (separately). We told them we wanted to have them over for lunch for helping us out with our new house. We wrapped a frame that said our grandchild and inside wrote arriving May 2014. It was so cute to see their surprised/elated reactions. The. A few weeks later we invited our close friends over for a potluck and told them. It worked for us and was a lot of fun.
  • I just told my friend with the biggest mouth, then let her do the rest. 
  • After our appointment to confirm the pregnancy, I went straight over to my parents and showed them the ultrasound picture. (And woke my mom out of sleep).
  • 1st time -- called both sets of parents when we found out.  We did not wait to the end of the first trimester.  Told siblings the next time we saw them, or called the ones who lived out of town so that the whole family basically knew within a few days.  

    2nd time -- found out the week before Christmas, so it seemed logical to announce when we got together with the family for the holiday.  Plans changed when my nephew was diagnosed with leukemia the same day I found out I was pg.  So we delayed telling that side of the family until things had calmed down, but we still told the other side at Christmas as planned.  When we did make the announcement, we let DD, who was then 3, tell everyone she was going to be a big sister.
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  • We haven't told anyone yet with this pregnancy but with DD we told my parents and his separately.  We gave them each a picture frame and said it was for photos of their first grandchild.

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  • With the first, I told my mom in a card on her birthday. My dad choked on his food. DH family lives in Europe so he called them and told them much later. My mom told everyone else for us.

    With DS2 we wanted to wait till after the 1st trimester but had planned a trip to SeaWorld with my parents already. I didn't think I could hide my morning sickness so we told them right before we left. I was so glad I did cause all the fish smells were unbearable. I could not have pulled that off. We waited another month to tell the rest of the family.
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  • We told our parents individually, and when his side of the family had gotten together for his bday, he wanted to tell everyone then. FIL (who enjoys being the one in the know), was in on it. He went to take a group pic and right before he took it, he said "Okay; look here...say cheeeeeeeeee! Oh and Marissa's pregnant." The looks were priceless.
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