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BTDT Moms: Swim Lessons

Hi ladies!

I have been completely MIA as the school year was finishing up. Sorry if you don't remember me, it has been quite awhile since my last post.

I am starting Parent & Baby swim lessons this Saturday with DD. I'm already planning on wearing my suit under my clothes to the pool so there's less to do once we're at the pool. Do you bathe/lotion LO after leaving the pool or at home? Did you have any sides with your swim diaper? How did LO like the water? Any other tips and tricks?

Re: BTDT Moms: Swim Lessons

  • We've taken our boys swimming since they were about 6 weeks old.  I use a cloth swim diaper so that I'm not having to pay for so many since we swim at least 3 times a week.  You can pick them up for about $13-15 for a Swimmis by Bummis and they are cute to boot. I would buy two so if there is a mid-swimming accident you have a spare.  LIkewise if you are using disposable swim diapers I would bring a few spares. 
    We always shower DS2 at the shower they have on deck near the sauna because that is the only shower at the pool that you can adjust the temperature on. So I suggest looking for a shower that you can do that. The temperature at the other showers is so unpredictable I wouldn't want to risk burning the baby. 
    I never lotion my kids, I just use baby wash in the shower and that's it. 
    My boys both have loved the water from the beginning. Right now at 5 months DS2 can last about an hour so long as the water is not cool.  I always bring a swim shirt (long sleeve) with us so that if it is on the cool side that will help him last a bit longer.  
    Have fun!
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  • We did a class like that when DD was 18 months old, so it was different. But I am starting the same class with DS this weekend. Can she sit up yet? That will help a lot!

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  • For swim diapers, we double up since DD is so little in the waist area- I use a disposable swim diaper and a cloth swim diaper over on top of that. Fits very snugly that way. I haven't bothered with a suit yet since we've only gone swimming indoors. She loves the water and is just a little fish! I just wash her up at home and always wear my suit to the pool rather than getting myself changed there. She's so tired by the end of swimming that we just need to book it out of there, feed a bottle in the lobby and then go home for a long nap. 
  • We swim about 3 times a week at our neighborhood pool. I have 2 reusable swim diapers I bought at Target. I shower or bathe when we get home. DD loves the water but I only keep her in for about 10 mins bc I don't want her to get cold. Plus I don't use sunscreen on her yet. I bring a big outdoor blanket and she's very content to lay on that in the shade while DS continues to swim. I usually change her out of her suit right after swimming and she just chills in a dry diaper. I do the same thing if we swim indoors at the YMCA.
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    My parents have a pool and we have taken DS and DD about 3-4 times in the last like 10 days (outdoor pool finally warmed up). I get out with DD after about 30-45 mins bc she is usually tired of the water by then. I use the little swimmers for her and they are convienient and work well. With two kids and DHI don't really want to tote around anymore wet clothes than I need to. You are supposed to give sunscreen 1/2 hr to soak in if possible before swimming, so I would suggest for you doing it at home. Since you are taking a lesson you may consider getting her a two piece that way if she poops towards beginning of lesson its easier to change her. It is a pain in the rear trying to get a wet suit off and then back on bb, plus it can get cold when off and my DD hates that. Have Fun!!
  • Thanks for all the info, everyone! It's sure to be a fun time seeing her in the pool for the first time. She loves the bath, so I hope the feeling transfers to the pool. I was a competitive swimmer, so maybe she'll follow in my footsteps! :)

    @sugarland726‌ - she can sit up, but not for long periods of time. This lesson is designed for infants and older babies. I used to teach it when I was in high school - lots of songs and splashing!
  • Check on the diaper rules.  I was surprised to find that some pools require a disposable diaper under and reusable one. 
  • @mcg1119‌ & @holly142‌ - I will definitely check on the swim diaper policy! Don't want to be unable to swim on the first day...
  • Ooh a long nap time would be nice, @mcg1119‌! I think DH would love to do it with her, but he's not comfortable in swim trunks right now. Not that I'm really excited about squeezing into my tankini, but oh well!
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