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DD is 5 months old and EBF. Last week, her first tooth cut through, and it's getting bigger every day. Today, she bit me hard three times while I was feeding her- like clamped down and wouldn't let go until I yelped. Any suggestions? I want to keep BFing but I can't handle this pain every day for the next 7 months.
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Re: Biting?

  • I don't know from experience (yet) but have heard from others to try disrupting the feeding like @Xan84‌ said and wait a minute before continuing. I've also heard in extreme cases to click their cheek, but I'm not sure how you feel about that type of thing.

    Good luck! I am dreading this.
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  • My DS2 has been biting for about a month now. I try to catch him before he clamps down, typically he will break his latch just before he does it. When I see that I pop him off for a minute then offer again. The same thing goes when I don't catch him and he hurts me. I say "ouch, no biting" but more so out of a reaction than trying to teach him.  I'm so used to correcting my DS1 that I do it automatically sometimes with DS2. 
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  • Ugh DD just started this too! Thank god she has no teeth yet but it still hurts. The first time it happened she bit down so hard I yelled/yelped out, and it scared her and she started to cry. Since then I either try to prevent it (she bites after she unlatches) or when she does it I'll stop feeding for a few minutes. I usually say something to her when I do it ("that hurts, don't bite") but obviously she doesn't know what I'm saying so I'm not sure why I do that. The funny thing is that when I say that she breaks into a huge grin. Guess my "stern mama" face needs some work
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    I fake cried and baby really didn't like that, he's seen me real cry and I guess it was close enough to get a concerned frowny face. I over react intentionally to get his attention and pull him off. I know he is just teething and doing it for comfort. If he was doing it to see my reaction I would have to come up with another technique. interrupting them seems to be the most consistent thing to get their attention.
  • We've had some gummy biting here.  Ouchie!  Based on the comments here, I will make more of an effort to interrupt the feeding to help LO hopefully grasp the cause/effect. 
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