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A friend of mine (who's children are close to my own age) has been bragging recently about how her daughter crawling at 4 months (my LOs age). Is this even possible?! I mean I could see scooting...but CRAWLING at 4 months?! I have to know if anyone's LO is doing this yet, or if she is really just full of it.


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Re: Crawling?!

  • He's trying, but he hadn't gotten it yet. He gets in position and then can't figure out how to move. He's almost got it. I don't think he will actually crawl for at least another month. He scoots around pretty fast on his belly though. What he really likes to do is get into crawlng position and then put his feet flat on the floor with his butt in the air. He looks like a bear.
  • She may be exaggerating her LOs scooting into crawling :)
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    Most likely exaggerating, that being said I know someone who as a baby walked at 9 months. She is actively trying to prevent her kids from doing that bc she attributes her horrible growing pains and shin splints to walking too soon
  • She is probably exaggerating but her baby could be scoot crawling army crawl style. My friend just posted video of her baby doing this at five months. My lo has always had the lower coordination but couldn't get his arms to cooperate at all, he's getting closer now at almost 5 months with push ups. My dad was one of those freaky babies who walked between 6 to 8 months, so it's possible but not usual. Take it with a grain of salt that's she's probably just excited.
  • Its possible but not likely.  DD is 5 months and has been scooting for a few weeks now but only backwards.  To some, any form of movement is called crawling and others think it is only on hands and knees.  DS didnt crawl on hands and knees until weeks after he was walking.  Before he would scoot around on his butt.  DD likes topush herself backwards with her arms while laying on her tummy

  • I have a girl on my Facebook that keeps talking about how her 2 month old is rolling over and scooting across the floor...yeah, not buying it. My 5 month old, almost 6 month old, just recently started to scoot.
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