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I want to whine...join me??

I would likeone of those weekly posts to just just bitch and complain but also whine...it would make me feel better to have company :)

I have done nothing all day, today has to be the worst day so far for sickness. I feel like absolute poop. I just want to curl up on the cool bathroom floor and cry. (Which is dirty cause I have been lazy and am not keeping up with housework)

Also, I have plans for this weekend to visit family 3 hrs away. Its going to suck so much. Sounds a bit diva but they have the worst beds and food ever. The long drive with LO, me potentially getting car sick on top of normal sick, then the shitty food and sleeping arrangements. I just want to hide under a rock.
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Re: I want to whine...join me??

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    I'm not much use when I don't feel well either. Maybe take some unisom and try to sleep for the ride?

    I hear you on the crappy beds and food. I dread spending the night at my grandparents house because I don't sleep well at all, neither does Logan.
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    I have a terribly bronchial cough that seems to have come out of nowhere, and a total case of laryngitis.  I stayed home sick today, but still have to dial into a conference call and run a meeting at 1 PM -- should be interesting given my rasping, but because we all run around in back to back meetings all day, i couldn't get this group together again until next week, and the show must go on for my project.

    I woke myself up coughing at 4 AM and couldn't get back to sleep.  So tired I can barely keep my eyes open.  OF COURSE this happens today, when it is finally nice out, and not last week when it was basically monsooning for four days.

    I have a general case of the crankies right now.

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    DD has been "off" this week. She only naps for an hour at daycare, then by dinner time she is too tired / cranky to eat so her bedtime has been around 7:30. She then wakes up in MOTN crying presumably because she is hungry. Thankfully she goes back down after I give her a cup of milk but I can't go back to sleep so easily. I hope I'm not starting any bad habits by feeding her at night!

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