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How'd you meet your baby's daddy?


Re: How'd you meet your baby's daddy?

  • Yesterday was our four year anniversary of our first kiss/first date. We met playing adult league indoor soccer where they also had a bar. We hung out at the bar after games for about a month before I got us both drunk and told him I was interested. We moved in together a week later.
    And I thougt I moved fast. ;) we were living together by 10 months.
    10 months for us too before we moved in together! 
  • Where in MT @tristalips‌? I lived in Columbia Falls for 6yrs.

    Married 3/17/2005
    M/C #1 2005 - 6wks
    M/C #2 2006 - 7wks
    M/C #3 2008 - 11wks
    Baby Aeneas Born 1/20/2014
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  • I met my husband online five years ago. We started out as friends and it just changed over time. Got married last year in December and are taking care of our four month old baby son Michael together :)image 
    "May your love never end & if you need a friend, there's a seat here along side me"-Roads Untraveled
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