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I would've named the baby____, but...


Re: I would've named the baby____, but...

  • Didn't really have a boy name.
    Girl- madilynne but new niece in family and her name is Madison so to close. We just agreed on Harper!
  • sophie but our last name is couch and sophie just sounds too much like sofa. I let go of that name when I got serous with my husband so by the time I was pregnant I was pretty much over it. I also liked the name Avery but when I told my husband he said "what are we having, an elf". I thought that was weird but when I looked up the meaning Avery means king of the Elves. haha. But I love the names we picked and I think they really fit our babies


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  • Jasper was the only boy name we could agree to even mutually like. Last name ends in son so lots of rhyming names got axed. We decided before we were even trying and it just stuck. We had girls names picked out already too and we're hanging on to those for next baby.
    Speaking of which talking about names is making me want to have so many babies!
  • @junglebaby11  We almost named DS Owen Michael, but we changed our minds in the hospital (DH didn't love it as much as I did).  

    Other names I loved were Elliot and Gabriel, but DH wasn't a fan.
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  • Bodhi was always going to be Bodhi. We liked Norah, Layla and Willow for a girl. I think we leaned more toward Willow (hey, we like trees!) But now have decided on Layla if we ever have a girl.
    I have a Norah, and I love Willow! It would be on my list but H is not into it, unfortunately.
  • My name picks were: Sophia, Lynette, Kimie, Emma, Julia, and Saffron (haha) SO vetoed all of them out because: Sophia was too common; Lynette & Julia was outdated (wtf); Didn't like the spelling of Kimie; Emma was too short; and lastly he didn't want people to think we were hippies if we named DD Saffron. :l
    He wanted to name DD Arianne, but his cousin named her daughter Arianna so he didn't want it anymore lol.

    For boys I chose: Luca and SO said no because in Tagalog, his native language, it closely sounds like their word "crazy"
    SO chose: Diego, I immediately vetoed that name. His last name sounds Spanish so I didn't want people to expect a Spanish person and this Filipino-Japanese appears.
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