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Putting everything in her mouth

So at what age is it time for little ones to stop putting everything in their mouths? I know that is a way they explore in the beginning, but my LO wants to put everything in her mouth and I feel like not correcting her may be creating a habit that will be difficult to break?

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Re: Putting everything in her mouth

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    Kate_CKate_C member
    If it's something that doesn't belong in her mouth, I'd say to remove it and redirect. I think that's a good habit to start early.
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    I think some childrens are naturally more orally fixated than others. My son, for one, is one of them. I think it depends. Teeth are still coming in, putting things in their mouth not only is a way for them to explore but also a way to help relieve discomfort. If it's a toy or bowl or something of that sort, I say let her. If it's a shoe or the broom, probably tell her no. I've got to think, eventually, she'll learn what is okay and what is not.
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