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I feel like doctors don't care about me

After trying for over 2 years, I am 8 weeks yesterday with our first. We are excited, scared and really want confirmation. My only "symptoms" are fatigue and mood swings like a teenage girl. I have experienced some brown light spotting in the past 2 weeks on and off. I called the obgyn to set up an apt when I was a week late. They set me up with a apt for a phone interview to gauge my risk level at over 9 weeks. I don't even see a doctor that day!! I called back and told them about the spotting and that I wanted to hurry the process along. They said without pain, it's normal and wait until my phone call. And that I will be seen "shortly" after that. Is it normal for a doctor office to dismiss your concerns and not even confirm a pregnancy if you ask? I got angry and tried to make an appointment with another doc and it was the same thing. Am I crazy or is this normal?

Re: I feel like doctors don't care about me

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    Good luck I don't think its normal
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    I don't know how I ended up in this forum. I cant figure out how to delete it.  Thank you for your input. Im glad im not crazy
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    See you over in J15 maybe :)

    edit: yup there you are
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    I think that under normal circumstances it is pretty normal to not be seen until the 10-12 week mark.  However, if you're spotting / cramping, I would call and ASK for a pregnancy confirmation appointment.  That's what I did - they did my HCG and also my progesterone; had me come back two days later for another HCG test to make sure it was doubling... I was found to have extremely low progesterone with both my pregnancies and doing this meant I could get on the supplements right away, which may have kept me pregnant.  Good luck!
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