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Toddler Bragging

What new things is your toddler doing these days? Feel free to brag away- we are all proud mommas!
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Re: Toddler Bragging

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    @CanukMam‌ - That's awesome that he goes over to the changing table when you mention a diaper change! I say the words "diaper change" and my DD is crawling off at top speed and laughing. She hates diaper changes and always tries to run away when I mention them.
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    he goes over, like "I understand this is what you want" but then when I pick him up and put him on the table he cries bloody murder. The kid is confused :P

    I think he's just proud that he understands and he's showing off.
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    ohh my goodness, what isn't Cavin doing.  Ornery little man he is. :)
    He is all but running, I love watching him walk around the house.
    He has a Tow Mater battery powered truck he drives all over the house.
    He is talking in a way that only mom dad and sissy can understand.  He says: up, down, snack, out, momma, dad, sis, good, yum yum.
    He loves books  so I keep a few by his bead that he can reach and more times than not I will get him after a nap or in the morning and he will have a book in bed with him. 
    He just amazes us everyday at what he knows.  Like every mom/parent we think our LO is the smartest and cutest.

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    Ella says "ank you" for thank you
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    I feel like all of a sudden DD is doing everything ... so much so that I can't keep up with her! Well, everything except walking (she has taken steps independently; I think she just knows that right now crawling is faster).

    But, my favorite things that she does lately are:
    1. Open mouth, tongue sticking out, sloppy kisses.
    2. Excitedly saying "lookit lookit lookit!" (her version of look at that!) whenever she sees something she likes/wants/.
    3. She's starting to learn to put her cup down nicely instead of throwing it across the kitchen. Or pointing to it when she's thirsty instead of wildly flinging food everywhere.
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