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Thank you note etiquette

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I'm hoping somewhere here can help out, I looked online but couldn't find an answer.  My baby shower is next month, but we have received gifts in advance.   For some of the gifts, the person giving the gift will attend the shower in person.  For other gifts, some will not be attending the shower in person,or I'm not sure if they will be attending.

What is the proper etiquette for sending thank you notes?  Do I send the thank you notes when the gift arrives?  Or do I wait until after the shower?  I'm leaning towards sending the thank you note when the gift arrives to let the person know it arrived. We opened the gifts since the packages are quite large and don't want all the extra cardboard around the house.  For those who sent their gifts in advance and will also be attending, my baby shower host offered to wrap those up for the shower.  Thoughts?
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Re: Thank you note etiquette

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    Yes, send TYs as you get the gifts.

    No, don't rewrap the gift to open at the shower.  The gift giver sent the gift knowing it wouldn't be at the shower.  If they give you another gift, you can mention the  mailed gift.  If they don't bring another gift, when you talk to them one on one, verbally thank them then. 
  • I'll send a thank you note to the gift givers.  The gifts were from my mom and MIL, so I wouldn't expect them to bring an additional gift since they bought us a lot of items.
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  • I wouldn't spend the energy taking them from your house to the shower and back again. Especially if they're from your mom and MIL, I'm guessing they were trying to help you by sending the big stuff ahead.

    Also, don't count out them bringing something. My mom was generous enough to send stuff ahead, and still brought some cute outfits along. Moms love to get stuff like that!



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  • Absolutely send the notes as you receive the gifts, you can always call the senders as you open the boxes so they can hear your "Omg!  Wow! Thanks so much!" reaction but  I wouldn't drag boxes from your home to your shower and back again.  It just strikes me as a waste of energy.
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  • My mom put photos of the items we received on the gift table that were large so the gift givers could see. Such as my mom gave us the bedding and my grandmother bought the crib so we had a photo of the room so everyone could see the theme etc. I agree with PP. Thank as received and also verbally at the shower.
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