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Meal Planning Tuesday...oops!

Sorry I spaced yesterday! Meal planning Tuesday it is!
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Re: Meal Planning Tuesday...oops!

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    M: We picked up take out
    T: Quinoa & turkey stuffed peppers, caprese salad
    W: Pasta with meatballs, salad, biscuits
    Th: Tacos, chopped salad, guacamole
    F: Grilled spicy chicken thighs, potatoes, roasted Brussels sprouts
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    Monday: Homemade sloppy joes
    Tuesday: Homemade pizza
    Wednesday: Leftovers
    Thursday: PW Chicken Alfredo, garlic bread, and salad
    Friday: Burgers and hot dogs on the grill
    Saturday TBD-- maybe soft shell tacos
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    Jenn5412Jenn5412 member
    edited June 2014

    I'll play!

    Sunday - steaks on the grill, potatoes and salad from the garden

    Monday - fresh kielbasa, pierogies & sauerkraut

    Tuesday - Mississippi pot roast (idea from JSS), egg noodles & broccoli

    Wednesday - leftovers

    Thursday -crispy cheddar chicken (Pinterest), corn, salad & leftover egg noodles or potatoes

    Friday - lemon garlic shrimp on the grill, salad and a starch.


    I made roasted red pepper humus, scrambled egg with cheddar cheese wrapped in crescent rolls then baked and a few skinless/boneless BBQ chicken thighs to help fill in snacks and lunches for LO, DH and me.  LO is a big eater and loves variety in his meals.

    I almost forgot we made Reubens this past weekend and they were really good and something that DH and never made in the 11.5 years we've been together.


    Edited for typing error. :)


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