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Head Scan (update)

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So yesterday at the pedi, we found out that DD has to get an ultrasound to make sure her head growth isn't due to extra fluid around the brain or something else. Her head is in the normal range for her size, but over the past few months it grew exponentially and the rate concerned her pedi. However, her height and weight also increased at the same rate, so it is possible that is why her head grew that fast, but she wants to make sure there is nothing wrong. I am all for that. Problem is, it makes me worried, and the process to get the scans sounds awful to me. It actually isn't that bad, I just get paranoid about her soft spot and they will use ultrasound equipment on her soft spot for up to 20 minutes. It freaks me out. Not to mention, I am worried about whether or not she has an underlying problem.

So other than this being a paranoid rant, I was wondering if anyone else had to do this with their LO's and how it went. TIA :)

Update: We finally had her appointment. The procedure wasn't fun, as she didn't like being held still to get the scan, but we got the results within 2 days which was nice. Turns out all is well! She just grew really fast overall. I'm so glad! Thanks to all you ladies for the support!

Re: Head Scan (update)

  • I have no advice, only prayers for you and your little!
  • My DS was a preemie so they did a head scan a week after he was born. He also had one before he left the NICU. Both went great but it was definitely scary to watch because he was so tiny. Praying for y'all!
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  • I don't have any experience but my son had to have an ultrasound on his hips because he was breech and I'm pretty worried about it too :(


  • My DS1 had to have the same scans for the same reasons when he was about 4 months.  The scan wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I tried to time it so he would be calm (but not overtired because we were skipping a nap), and had him well fed before.  He was just learning to roll, so we had to try to keep him on his back.  Bring a pacifier if your LO will take one to help keep them calm.  I wrapped my arm half around him so he felt like I was holding him.
    The techs know what they are doing, they don't press down on the soft spot like you might imagine.  At least for us it all went a lot easier than I thought it would. 
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  • Hope all goes well! No experience but I'm sure the techs do it often enough that they handle it properly and safely! Keep us updated!

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  • No advice but prayers for you!
  • Thanks ladies! Just waiting on the referral to make the appointment. I'll let you all know how it went afterward. The pedi said she should have the results within 24 hours of the test, which is a plus to cut down on how long I have to worry for!
  • No experience, but sending positive thoughts your way!

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  • No experience (and I've also been a lurker who peaced out for awhile but am slowly coming back, so you may not even remember me)...but good luck! Hope all is OK!

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  • Thanks again for all of the encouragement! (Update at top)
  • So glad everything turned out fine!! And glad it's over for both you and LO


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    So glad to see a great update! 
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