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fathers day vent!!

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Been lurking for a while but I just gotta come vent. Today is fathers day as you all know. I'm in full swing morning/all day sickness and miserable. I'm doing my best to make this weekend good for hubby. Taking care of LO more so he can watch the world cup, mowed the lawn (typically his chore), made him breakfast today. Oh and let him sleep in on both Saturday and Sunday (granted I did take nap both days)

He wanted salmon (BBQ on a plank) today for supper, now he knows I'm not a good cook at all, I can bake a mean cake but since being pregnant I've lost my mojo. My last cake over flowed in the oven and came out flat and burned. Also, he uses a charcoal BBQ which I have no idea how to use. Also I hate all fish, its disgusting (barf) and I dont know how to cook it. I can do a steak no problem. Anyway when it comes time to cook the salmon he is all pissed off when he is the one to cook it. He also wanted mashed potato (the way he likes it) and gets all pissed off when I ask for simple directions. I'm like seriously wtf, its simple, how much milk, how much butter. Even the salmon is simple, just tell me what temp and for how long. Its on a fucking plank, not like I have to flip it. So THEN he's pissed off that I think cooking is so 'easy'. Man either give me basic instructions or do it yourself. So apparently he just wanted his supper served to him without questions. I never fucking do that to him. Yes he cooks but its a two person show in that kitchen. I call myself the soux chef, I prepare ingredients and clean up, general maintance (stir the pot, etc). Even on mothers day I wouldn't leave him to orchastrate all that solo.

Anyway, ultimately I think he's just pissed because we really haven't DTD since getting knocked up. I got a few things to say about that too!! Seriously dude, I'm fucking sick and pregnant. I'm NOT in the mood. HOWEVER if you were to make a move AT ALL and try to get me in the mood, then you might see some action. Getting pissed off and taking it out on me is counter productive.

I do get his side, I just don't like how he handles it.
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Re: fathers day vent!!

  • Are we married to the same man!?!? ;) I did a lot of nice stuff for my husband today and gave him a great day. He in turn took it as a free pass to not lift a damn finger all day, including letting me deal with a crying baby for AN HOUR at bedtime and drink beers all.day.long. I'm annoyed.

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  • With my hormones being so crazy these days sometimes its hard to tell if its just me being crazy. Glad you guys think I'm not nuts!

    Kind of feel like telling him not to bother doing anything for mothers day next year, don't want him to feel like I owe him...
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  • CanukMamCanukMam member
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    Oh we are talking now, we decided to just let it go and not dwell on it. Gotta pick your battles and he's typically great. So now he tells me he's been super sick/nauseous since supper, can't help but...not feel bad for him..
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  • I'll be the first to admit I've been lazy lately, I haven't been doing much (if anything) around the house. It must totally suck being him, I just don't think he gets how bloody tired/sick I am. I really think he wouldn't be so pissed off if he truly understood/appreciated how miserable it is living this day in day out for weeks on end. I really don't think you can understand fully until you have been through it. I'm not asking for a pity party just a little understanding..
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