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A few random questions and other stuff

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First, we are going to Chicago in a few weeks. We are close to Detroit and it was a 4ish hour drive last time we went. Any tips for traveling with a 6 month old? Things to do there that are family friendly/baby friendly? Last time DH and I did museums and "shopping." Logistics? (stroller/packnplay/toys) What about baby formula and food? We use purified water and I make my own baby food.

Second, is about the baby food. DD has had rice, oatmeal, sweet potato, banana, peas, and pears. She has liked every single thing. What other foods do you recommend? I was going to buy squash or green beans and peaches. DH does not want to feed her avocado.

Third, I have been taking this awful bcp. I get breakthrough bleeding every month and I hate it. I am switching back to what I used to be on a few years ago. My OB said to finish the pack before starting the new one. Would it be okay to switch after the 3 weeks of pills and skip the part where you get the period? I know that it is okay to do when you are on one pill but would it be okay switching between two different pills?

ETA: Forgot something - What sunscreen do you recommend that doesn't stain clothes. We have been using spray but it turns things yellow. We are going to use Aveeno Baby for DD when she is old enough.

Sorry for the million questions. DD is about 5 1/2 months. She is huge, she will be out of her 9 month clothes in no time. She rolls both ways and uses that to get around the room. Everything gets in her mouth, we think she might be getting a tooth on the lower right side, it feels different than the rest of her gums. She is a belly sleeper most of the time now, which causes her to drool tons and DH said her crib was soaked when he got up with her this morning. (She woke up at 5:50 yesterday for me but 7:15 today for him).
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Re: A few random questions and other stuff

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    Lurker from the loss board... I have a sunshine baby who will be three next week.

    New toys. Bring a couple of new toys or books she hasn't seen before (or maybe just in a while at that age). Only introduce one when she is cranky. Can you drive at night or during nap time? That would be ideal.

    I used a baby cookbook as my guide for what to give when, so I am no help there.

    I haven't been on Bcp in six years so that doesn't help either. Sorry!

    We all use the pink sunscreen with the little girls butt being shown by her dog. I'm much too lazy today to go downstairs but its a name brand I can't remember. It's SPF 50, spray, and doesn't stain our clothes. It does feel a little oily but I have yet to find a sunscreen that has a high SPF and doesn't leave that oily residue.

    She is such a cutie.
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    Agree with above that most hotels have pack n plays. And bring your own sheets and one of those travel packs of Wet Ones or Clorox wipes to wipe it down (as long as you don't think your LO will be mouthing the pack n play in which case I would avoid Clorox wipes).

    I'm in the Chicago area so honestly I can tell you that you may want to pack light and buy what you need food/formula wise here. Are you staying downtown? There are Whole Foods, Mariano's, and Targets with grocery sections downtown and of course in the burbs you can find anything. Honestly if it were me I would just skip making baby food for a few days and get some of the pre packages stuff. Gerber has organic baby food, there's Happy Baby, Earth's Best, etc if you want to avoid preservatives. Not ideal I'm sure but it certainly won't kill anyone for a few days. And you can get nursery water at any of those stores downtown.

    For travel entertainment I don't know how much you'll need. When DS traveled at that age he basically slept the whole time we were en route. But might want to bring a couple of new toys/books for excitement factor. Also just anything forbidden usually works. Like I would let DS play with my phone or keys or wallet sometimes. Even today we went out to brunch and I forgot his activity bag so he played with the jelly on the table, creamers, etc. I know he's 2 but it's the same concept. No need to overthink, you know?

    There are TONS of family friendly things to do in the City and surrounding burbs if you don't mins driving a bit. If you PM me and let me know what area you are staying in and how far you are willing to travel I can PM you ideas. GL!
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    Thanks for all the help ladies! I just realized I messed up scheduling and DDs 6 month check up is when we are gone. I hope I can switch it tomorrow. Yikes.

    MickeyM04 YGPM - I guess this didn't post before. :(
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