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carseat question - anti rebound?

what is it for?  anyone have stats on it?  Compass First Years is coming out w/ a convertible w/ one (first in the US) and I wasn't sure if it's necessary to wait to buy it.  (we're planning to get the compass first years true fit convertible to use from the beginning - the straps are low enough and the padding good enough for a nb)

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Re: carseat question - anti rebound?

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    My Britax Companion Seat base has an anti rebound bar.  I bought it largely for that reason.  I can't imagine the need for it with an older child an a convertible, but if you plan to use it for the  infant whose legs won't be long enough to hit the seat, then I guess it makes sense.

    I wonder how that will be though, once your DC has long enough legs..I think at that point it might become more of a hindrance than anything else.  And it flattens the crap out of your seats if you have cloth.


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