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14 month old does not like bath anymore

Hi Everyone- I need some advice here. My 14month old loved to get in the bath in fact he would try to climb in by himself up until about 1-2 months ago. Lately, he cries as we go up the stairs for our bedtime routine as he knows that the bath is next step. As soon as we get him out of the tub; he is fine.  Nothing happened in the bathtub. One day he just started hating the tub.

Any advice?  

Re: 14 month old does not like bath anymore

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    Maybe he has started to realize that bath time = bedtime. Maybe he's just upset that playtime will end soon. Or, he could be like my son and find the bathtub too restricting. He is constrained by the tub and, while he loves the water, he would rather be able to get in and out of the tub at his leisure. Maybe try getting in the shower or bath with him and see what happens. Good luck!
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    lana22lana22 member
    was about to post the same thing as above. my guess is he knows that bedtime is coming. can you get some new bath toys? crayons/paints for the bath?

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    Thanks ladies. I bought a few new toys and he is still upset. I am going to keep his routine up and hopefully this will pass. Appreciate the input.
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