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When to start planning the baby shower

My shower is August 9th, and my sister needs help with it so I told I would. It's a backyard BBQ type that's coed.

Re: When to start planning the baby shower

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    Eh - as long as your name isn't listed as the hostess and no one but your sister knows, I really don't see how it matters if you help plan or not.  If there is someone else who can help her, yes, that's ideal.  But if there isn't... well, then help her.  But keep it on the low down.

    That being said - you can bsically start planning whenever.  It's 2 months out?  A shower isn't complicated and shouldn't need THAT much time - but you do need to figure out location and invitations sooner rather than later.  All the other details can really be worked out closer to the actual date.
  • Never. Your hostess would start planning your shower whenever she sees fit.

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