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Best Time for a Baby Shower on a Saturday?

Most guests have small children who would take naps so I'm thinking it should be later in the day, but not too late to mess up dinner plans. Thoughts? What would be the ideal time for you to attend?
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Re: Best Time for a Baby Shower on a Saturday?

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    If you were planning a child's birthday party, I would commend your desire to work around the children's schedules, but I don't think you need to worry about that with a shower.

    It's very hard to plan around children's naps.  Some kids nap closer to noon; others closer to 2 pm.  Younger toddlers may still nap 2x a day.  Even with the best intentions in mind, you're still not going to satisfy everyone.  Have the shower when it's convenient for the hostesses and the MTB, and the guests who are moms will just have to work around it.  Moms are used to it.

    When my kids were that age, I relished a baby shower as a great opportunity to leave the kiddos with Daddy for the afternoon and drink a mimosa or two and chat with some adults for a while.
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    Are you planning to invite kids?  Then maybe 3:00?  I don't think you should worry too much about it though, if it works people will come if not they can get a babysitter!
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    My shower is 11a-2p. There are max of 4-5 toddlers that may come with their moms. I wasn't concerned with interrupting their nap schedules-- I wanted a venue that was semi kid friendly. (And we found a restaurant with a banquet room not near any dining areas.)
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    Honestly, nap schedules are so variable that I wouldn't waste a moment's thought on trying to plan around them. In our case, my son lays down for a nap between 12:30 and 1:00 and sleeps for and hour and a half or two, but if you planned a shower around that, I guarantee he'd choose that day to fall asleep early or sleep way late. I think anywhere around noonish is the standard time for a Saturday shower, and those who have sleeping kids will just get babysitters.
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    ccamccam member
    Are you inviting the kids?  I personally would not bring DS to a baby shower unless it was a very close family member or something.  The showers I'm used to attending would be really boring for a toddler and I wouldn't be able to enjoy the shower while I'm chasing him around or entertaining him.

    I prefer a Saturday shower to be earlier in the day so that I still have the rest of the day to myself.  So maybe 11 or 12 for lunch?  Or even 10 for brunch?  If it doesn't work for someone's child's schedule, then I think they wouldn't bring them.


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    We just attended my cousins this last Saturday. It was 10am-Noon. They served some light snacks, and there were numerous children in attendance. It worked well, there will no meltdowns from the kids.
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    VORVOR member
    I'm another person who wouldn't bring my child with me even if he was invited.  As said - I see showers as a chance for ME to spend time kid free time w/ friends!

    That being said... I'd probably prefer earlier in the day.  I'd rather have the afternoon and evening to spend w/ my family. 
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    Our daughter naps any time between 11 and 1 and they last between a half hour and two hours, so planning around her would be nearly impossible.  Plus, I'd leave her at home anyway -- She's at that age where she won't sit still for long, so it wouldn't be very fun or relaxing for me if I was constantly chasing her.



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    Thanks everybody!
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    rae76rae76 member
    Showers in my area are usually come & go 2-4 on a Saturday afternoon.  Occasionally you will find a Saturday 10-12  but that is very rare.  They are usually held at community rooms or churches so you don't compete with any restaurant lunch crowds either.
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