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So if you've been following my trains of thought, we're thisclose to going with an agency and, of course, letting family know. My family is pretty up to date on things, but DH's family knows nothing, so we're starting from scratch. From recent conversations, I get the feeling my MIL and others will need some education in the world of adoption these days. So to make a long question longer ;) does anyone have recommendations for good books we could share with them?


Re: Adoption books for extended family

  • I loaned Adoption for Dummies to my MIL and it has been super helpful. She actually and feels more involved in the process now. It also helps that you don't have to answer a million questions and you can have a real conversation about adoption.
  • fredalina, you crack me up!

    It so happens that we have a copy of Adoption for Dummies, so we'll just pass it along when we share the news. I'm nervous just thinking about it...

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  • We bought Adoption is a Family Affair. It really goes over the basics -- it might not be for family members who already have some prior knowledge.  I know some people who had reviewed it on Amazon had said they thought it 'talked down' to the reader; I just thought it was written for a person with very limited prior knowledge of adoption in general. 
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  • Dr. L -- we are all expecting a full play by play report of how this goes with the IL's!  :)
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