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Has anyone tried the body wrap products for weight loss or skin toning?

I have managed to lose all of my baby weight but now my stomach has stretch marks and extra skin and was curious about these body wrap products that tighten skin and make skin appear better, if you have tried it can you tell me about your experience? Thank you!

Re: Has anyone tried the body wrap products for weight loss or skin toning?

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    I haven't personally tried them. I have a friend who swears by ItWorks, but then again she's a distributor and has always been super tiny and toned to begin with. I've been curious as well but it's an awful lot of money for something that may not work.
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    I found a few DIY wraps on Pinterest I might try but I don't have hope that they will provide permanent results.
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    I have a friend who swears by ItWorks as well.  I have no desire to use them at this moment, but I figure after we have baby #2 I will give it a try and use them until I get my body about back to where I want it.  Obviously exercise is the best.
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    I tried ItWorks. The distributor measures you, has you lay down for about 45 minutes so the wrap can sit on your stomach, and then measures you again. I only "lost inches" because of gravity. When I came home the "lost inches" were gone. Pretty pricy for just some softer skin.
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    Check Pinterest for diy wraps. It loses water weight. It will come back but great for an event trip etc. I have Walmart brand cellulite cream, Vic's vapor rub & vitamin e oil. I lather it on the wrap w Saran Wrap. Softens skin
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