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Childcare in NW Houston

Although I'm still getting used to the idea of being pregnant, I am already worried about finding capable, trustworthy childcare.  I live in North Cypress but work near 290 & 529.  I will be going back to work between 6 and 8 weeks after my baby is born as I am the main bread winner in my family at this time.  Any suggestions for places I should be checking out in the next few months?  Also, in your experience, are there wait lists that I should be trying to get on this early?

Re: Childcare in NW Houston

  • Glad you posted this....I need help too! I am not in need of childcare as quickly as you but I worry about where to take her, the cost, and the availability. This is my first child so I am a little at a loss on how to choose. I will update you if I get any recs off board. Good luck!
  • Curious if you ladies found a place yet? I keep looking but feel disappointed each time...
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