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Moving... neighborhoods in NYC

I'm only 5 weeks but my DH and I are thinking we need to get out of our Hells Kitchen 4th floor walk up. The rent keeps getting higher and space is not great. We would really love a small garden (we have a dog) and 2 bedroom. Any suggestions on baby friendly, affordable neighborhoods? Totally willing to leave Manhattan. Even willing to consider, gulp!, New Jersey. Planning on getting a car. Thanks!!!!

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  • HARLEM!!
    Bigger and cheaper apartments, Parks, restaurants, schools and children's classes... it's a great place to raise a family!!
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  • Astoria is awesome too. I'm in a third floor apt--you definitely don't want to stick with fourth floor!
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  • Whats your price range? I live in Williamsburg and have an 8 month old. I love it here. Def getting more and more kid friendly. My husband actually does real estate and has a few listing open in my neighborhood. If your interested I can send you some info. My email is [email protected]
  • My DH and I are TTC and planning on either staying on the UES b/c of our outdoor space ( if our landlord doesn't up our rent again) or moving to Astoria. Astoria has the best pricing but not many units have outdoor spaces beyond rooftops and small balconies. Park slope area has some great units with outdoor spaces. I would try to find a first floor unit or an elevator building, I couldn't imagine carrying a stroller and a baby down flights of stairs, Good luck and congrats!

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  • Did you ever find a new place? My H and I live in Queens and believe it's going to be a great place to live with a baby. (H actually grew up in Queens.)
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