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Peg Perego Book Pop Up vs. Uppa Baby Vista

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Hello all!

My mother-in-law has been insistent on purchasing the stroller for our baby (the first grandchild). While I am super excited, I am also super overwhelmed! There are so many options out there! 

We went adventuring together last weekend and narrowed it down to the Peg Perego Book Pop Up or the Uppa Baby Vista. She is leaving the final decision up to me (only I'm super indecisive). I would love any feedback on either stroller. There were little pros and cons for each, mainly due to personal preferences. I would love to hear about any of your experiences to help me decide.

Thank you!

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Re: Peg Perego Book Pop Up vs. Uppa Baby Vista

  • amiefamief member
    You will probably get better feedback if you give a little info about how you think you'll use it... ie. urban/suburban, car to store vs walking outside, etc.  That said, I've had the UBV now for 9 months and we really love it.  Here are my pros and cons: 
    • the push if fantastic
    • we live in a downtown urban area with lots of bricks and cobblestones and the UBV can handle these without a problem
    • the high clearance on the bottom is also great for snow b/c everything in your basket doesn't get wet
    • the basket is HUGE!  love that 
    • this stroller is not light.  It is not out of line for other similar strollers, but just be advised.  I carry it up to the 2nd floor of our building each time we use it and we store it on a stroller hook on the back of a door, so it isn't so heavy it isn't usable, but it is not light
    • the sunshield is great.. it really comes down far enough to protect the kiddo
    • very easy to use with the car seat adaptors
    • bassinet got no use from us, we were always using with the car seat at that age. 
    For us, we love the UBV.  We need the ruggedness and push given that we are usually walking pretty long distances over bumpy cobblestones, etc.  For that it is fanastic.  That said, if I lived somewhere that I kept the stroller in the trunk of my car and was using it more for the mall or shopping, or even neighborhood walks with nice sidewalks... I might consider getting something lighter.  
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  • Thank you @Amief !

    I would love to explain how I will be using it, but we will be moving halfway across the country in 2 weeks so I'm not sure. We will be living in a very flat suburb with paved roads. I plan on using it for walking outdoors most of the time. I also plan on storing my stroller in the garage and traveling with it. We're not planning on storing it in our car, but it will be transported in the trunk for travel. 

    I like that you mentioned the snow clearance, that is useful information! Also knowing it is a smooth ride that can push easily over rougher surfaces is helpful. Thank you for taking the time to respond:)

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  • The Vista is prettier to look at and can turn into a double with the jump seat.
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  • I'm getting the pop up and I've had two friends have their vista break :(

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  • ebp913ebp913 member
    I'm on a board for people who love strollers (seriously) and the Vista is very very popular.  No one really has the Book.  Not much feedback but I loved my first Vista stroller.  Their customer service is excellent also. 
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  • I have a 3 week old and am loving the UBV.  The bassinet is great for a summer baby, with all the walking we are doing.
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