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4.5 month old feeding schedule (formula and solids)

Curious to hear others feeding schedules for 4.5 month old formula fed baby on solids. Doctor recommended we start on puréeds. Thanks!

Re: 4.5 month old feeding schedule (formula and solids)

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    We also do solids about an hour after his bottle. We are up to at least 2 solid feedings a day because we have a boy with a bottomless tummy.

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    Hhmm... I give him his purees when he's about 3/4 done with his bottle. I feel like he needs something to wash it down with. Ha. Probably not but that's just me. He's never had an issue finishing either. MIL gives him fruit at lunch time, I give him a veggie at dinner time and then he gets either rice cereal or oatmeal cereal before bed.


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    We give the purees and then a bottle because I feel he might need something to wash it down with. He probably doesn't, but it looks so sticky.
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    We do 5 bottles per day, spaced 3.5-4 hrs apart. I do solids at 5:45-6pm, about an hour after the 4th feeding. She makes a huge mess, so its easier to do it right before bath time. After solids, I offer about an ounce of formula to wash it down. The bottle right before solids I cut it 1.5-2 ounces short otherwise she will usually refuse the solids or she will eat it and then spit it all up. 
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    that's a good point, @esd. When I do cut the bottle short prior to solids, she will always drink more after solids, so she ends up drinking very very close to her normal amount. If she didn't, then I would go back to her drinking a full bottle and then trying purees after.
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