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For reflux mommas (vent)

I am at my wits end.  DS is 4 months and 1 week.  He has had really bad acid reflux since day 1.  We tried Zantac and it didn't work.  DS was arching his back during feeds and was in a lot of pain (wouldn't take bottle, etc.)  We now have him on Prevacid and it has helped slightly.  The weird thing is that he never spit up before taking Prevacid.  But once he started Prevacid, BAM, he started spitting up rather frequently the very next day and this has continued to this day.  We just started solids a few days ago and that seems to be helping with the spit up.  Unfortunately, I can still hear him refluxing all day.  I can literally hear fluid coming back up into his throat and it makes him scream/cry.  I imagine he is either in a lot of pain because of it or it just tastes disgusting so he is uncomfortable.  The thing is, he won't let me put him down.  Every time I do, he starts screaming and/or crying.  It doesn't matter where - his bouncy seat, Exersaucer, swing, Boppy, etc.  So long as he is in my arms, he is generally fine.  I work from home, so I don't mind holding him most of the time, but I obviously have things to do (i.e. go to the bathroom!) and I have a bad back, so carrying him all day is not fun for me.  I've tried baby carriers and we haven't found one that works (either he likes it and I don't, or vice versa).  Anyway, I just can't seem to put him down without him getting all worked up.  Are reflux babies just like this?  My doc says 100% of babies have reflux, the severity just varies.  He also said most babies seem to outgrow reflux around 1 year old, but I can't take another 8 months of seeing him like this!  And I will definitely go crazy by then.  Please, if anyone has words of wisdom/experience with this, please share.  TIA!

PS. DS was EBF until 6 weeks, mix of BF and Formula until 12 weeks, and is now EFF.    

Re: For reflux mommas (vent)

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    amt0312amt0312 member
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    How old was he when you started him on prevacid?

    edit: The reason I ask is because typically very very new babies (our pedi said under a few weeks old) typically don't spit up. It's not something they start doing until they are 3-4 weeks old due to their GI system kicking in full gear but still with an immature esophageal sphincter. DD rarely ever spat up until 2 weeks old and by 3-4 weeks, it was insane. It's gotten better, but she's still a very very spitty baby. So the spitting up may have nothing to do with the prevacid. 
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    P.S. I know its tough but hang in there! Reflux is usually outgrown eventually but it can be quite awhile! Sorry to hear that you are so frustrated with it lately and it totally sucks to see your baby in pain. There is another med you may be able to try called Prilosec (omeprazole). 
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    And to add to the previous comment, I've read spot up peaks around 4-5 months. I sure hope that's true because sometimes M is like a freaking fountain of milk.

    Hope it starts to improve soon :(

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    km_mdkm_md member
    I just want to offer you (((hugs))). I am pretty much in the same boat. DD is on 2 medications right now and is still spitting up, still screaming in pain, and she isn't gaining weight. It makes me so sad to see her like this. And it is affecting her development because it is so bad that some days we just cannot do tummy time or other things like that.

    Luckily DD has a wonderful pediatrician who is trying to get it under control. She just gave us a referral for a GI specialist at the closest children's hospital to us. Maybe you could try to get a referral for a specialist?

    Hang in there mama, I know how exhausting it is!

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    MiaMyPuggleMiaMyPuggle member
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    I'm very sorry to hear this. I'd get a referral to a GI doc bc acid can do damage to their system that lasts a lifetime. If you can, call the doc ASAP. Hoping it gets better for you both. I can only imagine your frustration.

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