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Should I invite this coworker?

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To invite or not to invite:

My mom sent me her tentative guest list for my baby shower and asked me if there is anyone else I would like her to invite. I have two really really close friends at work who I know will want to come. I added them. I have a third friend who I see outside of work sometimes but we have much more of a working relationship (we do work-related things) then actual social reasons. She is friends with the first two coworkers also though. Also I know she dislikes baby showers. I don't want to not invite her and have her be offended, but I don't want to invite her and make her feel obligated to send a gift/attend.

What would you do?
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Should I invite this coworker? 82 votes

Invite her!
64% 53 votes
Don't Invite her
30% 25 votes
4% 4 votes
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