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Have any of you stopped giving LO the meds or tested out lessening the dose? I'm curious. There were times that I didn't give DD the ranitidine bc she fell asleep before I could and I didn't want to wake fussy pants. She did fine and there were no issues. I'm not sure when you would know when you're able to stop the dose. The doc will ask me how she's doing and I think she's fine, but don't really know if I should stop or only give once a day. She's taking 1.2ml at this point. What are your thoughts?

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Re: Reflux Moms

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    I just started to skip doses to see how she would do. Eventually we just stopped with the meds.
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    Occasionally we're not able to give him the nighttime dose, and it usually ends up ok. But I've noticed that as he gained weight, the reflux would slowly worsen -- we'd up the dosage, and he'd be good again. So I know it's not time to stop altogether (or even start to wean). As long as he still has bouts of vomit right after eating, I will continue to give it to him.
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    Thanks, ladies. I'm going to just continue doing what I'm doing bc it's working and then speak to the doc next month at her 6 mo appt.

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    I've started weaning DD off her zantac the past couple of weeks. Actually, we are pretty much done with it. She did well. She still spits up a lot and its now curdled whereas before it wasn't, but she doesn't seem to be bothered by it anymore. 
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    My Dr said drop morning dose first. We've stopped both now as she's doing fine without it.
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    Not us!

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    Our pedi didn't increase her dose at our 4m appointment, which means we're actually slowly weaning. I'm supposed to drop it the week before our 6m appointment, and see how she is. So far, I think she is spitting up a bit more again, but they say it should start to get better around this age. Here's hoping!

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    My LO is on Prevacid.  I tried weaning him off it and after 2 days he was miserable so we put him back on it and will revisit weaning him off it after he is 6 months.
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    blue_elleblue_elle member
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    We stopped a few weeks ago (just over 4m). He still spits up a ton, but Zantac doesn't help with that anyway. He always spit up after his meds, so not sure how much he was getting anyway. He no longer screams or arches when he spits up, so I think we're ok. We lessened the dose over about a week and then went totally off.

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